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Roben Dass, Founder Chairman & MD, (Koochie Global)

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Koochie Global

In the fast-paced age that we live in, it becomes easy (and extremely convenient) to become leashed to electronic devices that we treasure more than anything else (ever been to a coffee shop and seen people at the table glued to their phones instead of talking to each other?).

In this rat race that we live in, we often tend to ignore the needs of our own bodies in terms of eating right, staying hydrated and giving our bodies at least a little bit of activity each day. Considering that most lifestyles these days are sedentary, we have turned ourselves into magnets for a lot of silent, yet deadly evils. NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) is today, the biggest threat to the health of our world’s population and we have turned away from things that keeps them at bay.

10 Most Trusted Brands of the Year 2019

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Digital Marketing has a different meaning for different people, for some, it is just an online presence of their business, like having a website but for others, it is the way of doing business and earning money. From making an online presence through a website, SEO, Social Media and email marketing.

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Technology is a blessing for everyone, be it users or service providers. While it has made the life of users easy, it has undoubtedly brought a lot of business opportunities for the service providers. And, as the number of user’s increases, the demand for service providers has also increased. There is a demand for reliable, flexible, agile, and cost-effective service providers

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Big Star Productions

Corporate Events or Social Events  – You are held back as it needs a lot of planning, management, dedication, and concentration to organize a momentous event. One may be confident of getting everything right, but a mismatch of one thing may lead to a disaster. As hard as a job it is, here is where event management comes into the picture to solve all those random constraints.

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Chatur Ideas

Entrepreneurship in India has witnessed a boom in last 10 years. With the increase in the number of startups, there is an increase in the number of people with entrepreneurial mindset and skills. But, there still exist a wide gap between what it takes to become a worthy entrepreneur and what is currently present.

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Chevon Agrotech Private Limited

The food industry is one of the growing industries and these days there are numerous companies involved in it, with the processed or frozen or packaged food industry being on a higher scale because of the comfort of its usage. Packaged food is becoming so acceptable as it slows down the process of decomposition and keeps the food intact and fresh.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has assumed a new meaning in today’s world, given that it has brought corporations close to the community it operates in and has extended the corporates’ boundaries into the society. A colossal surge followed by a sustained consistency has been witnessed in the last few years in the progress of the concept of CSR.

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Mr. Sandwich

Hunger may make you go crazy at times when you have no time to cook and a lot of work to be done or maybe when you are stuck somewhere where you do not have enough time to sit and dine at a particular place.  Being in an age where the world is so fast that there is no time for people to eat their meals, fast-food industry has come into existence and taken over a huge market with an urge to provide food that is made in a short time and serves people with delicacies that are experimented and prepared with immense interest.

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Probox Solutions India Pvt. Ltd

With the kind of technology being used in various domains and the type of automation being done each day, being in the “Technology” industry isn’t easy. One needs to be extremely technology-driven, have extensive knowledge of how this industry works and be immensely tech-savvy to put things in place to solve any kind of use case and give all possible business solutions.

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Unicon Logistics

In this age where spanning overseas has become so easy and people migrate to nations, there has been so much diversification. People are born in some country, raised in other, get settled elsewhere. People have businesses spanning across countries and there is an exchange of goods, etc.

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Vijaya Diagnostic Centre

Diagnostic centers across India have witnessed a massive increase in patients and healthy people seeking various routine and other crucial tests in the past few years. Reliable clinical reports are essential as it paves the path for further treatment and also provides a lot of peace of mind to patients.

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GST Expertise

GST Expertise expanding its arm in Automation & Robotics Technology for providing a solution for Indirect & Direct Tax services in India and internationally, to walk shoulder to shoulder with other big4 service companies. GST Expertise, as the name suggests, is a firm that offers an array of GST services, however not to miss that it provides an entire end to end indirect tax solutions for the industry.

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RajGuru Electronics

With technology touching every part of human life, and most of the businesses witnessing a digital presence, there is a huge opportunity for online component distributors to bring forth their business and execute it innovatively.  RajGuru Electronics, driven by over three decades of experience, is a Mumbai (India), based electronic components supplier offering a comprehensive array of Electronic Products.

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Healthcare Consulting Services

The healthcare sector in India is in its all-time high and is soon to become a $250 billion industry by the year 2020. The industry faces issues like lack of efficient workforce and experienced doctors, operational inefficiencies, and lack of government aid and funds.

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ES Celebrations Pvt Ltd

At ES Celebrations, they believe that no detail is too small for your big day. Their focus is on Commitment, Creativity and Enthusiasm. They are also the leading event planners in PAN India. The essence of ES Celebrations Weddings & Events lies in its enthusiastic team. It has the crème of management, a dedicated team of finest professionals and skilled manpower working for it. The team works with utmost commitment, exuberating passion in making every wedding an affair to remember!