Aatrix Software

Unlike any other Electronic Forms Company in the US, Aatrix provides the most comprehensive automated payroll reporting solution and is armed with US Patent numbers 7,171,615 and 8,984,393.

The team of this Grand Forks, ND-based IT solution company is committed to utilizing the most advanced technologies to meet business and personal need andgenerate solutions that are innovative, reliable, and affordable.

The manageable and straightforward UI of Aatrix is what makes it cut above its competition. A user can directly select the report which he wants to file, view an actual replica of the form onscreen that has been automatically filled in, and click eFile to complete the filing. The Aatrix single-point eFilecenter eliminates the need to track forms, formats, regulations, or any of the multiple issues faced by payroll administrators.A typical 941 report takes less than 5 minutes to file.Also, the integration of Aatrixfinance solutioninto host software is commendablyseamless and flawless.

No wonder a survey response mentions that over 98% of the totalclientele of Aatrix admit that its software works well with their payroll solution.Over the past ten years, Aatrix’s recommendation rate has never been lower than 93% and touched 96% in the year 2017.

The effectiveness of Aatrix lies in the fact that the operation process is precisely the same, regardless of the type of the report being filed or the agency it is being filed to. It’s also one of the many reasons why Aatrixcuts a vast swath across all the market segments. Today, more than 360,000 businesses useAatrixpayroll solution, and the list embraces the range from small-scale industries comprising a couple or two employees for multi-state enterprises with over 10,000 employees.

Aatrix alsosupports unemployment, wage-withholding, new hire, W2, 1099s, 1095(ACA), HR forms, T4, ROE, T5018 and certified payroll reports and payments for Canadaand the USA.The delivery of this solution to cloud-deployed payroll solutions has been a multi-year project that was completed earlier this year. The project was incredibly complex involving over 1.5 million lines of code, and certainly one of the most significant projects for Aatrixsince its inception in 1986.

The current business model was driven by the ever-increasing complexities of payroll tax reporting which Steve, the CEO at Aatrix identified in the late ’90s. As the largest payroll software solution for Mac, Steve Lunseth began meeting this need by automating the fed 941 reports for his customers. With the inherent difficulty of maintaining this single form annually Aatrix focused on building patented technology to develop and maintain any form, designing the process to fill in the forms automatically from host payroll software, and designing a secure eFile method to facilitate the processing of over 350 reports and payments to over 170 taxing authorities in the US.

Today, Aatrix is proudly the only Electronic Forms Company allowed to use the unique patented process US Patent numbers 7,171,615 and 8,984,393 to create forms, display them on a screen filled with data from an intermediate source, editable by the user. This patented process was one of only two software patents recently reaffirmed by the US Circuit Court of Appeals.

The newest market segment is the explosion of cloud-based payroll solutions that have the same needs for automated payroll tax reporting as onsite payroll solutions.Aatrix has a cloud-based solution toothat is meeting the needs of any payroll solution choosing to enter this market. It also continues to add partners and products for its OEM solution leading to aremarkably consistent annual growth ranging from 25% to 40%.

Aatrix as a successful and innovative IT firm has received numerous awards for its excellence; the highlighted few being-

  1. 2016 Top 50 Companies to watch
  2. 2016 50 best workplaces of the year
  3. 2016 20 most promising corporate finance tech solution providers
  4. 2017 most valuable Microsoft solution provider
  5. 2017 50 most valuable brands of the year
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  7. 2018 top 20 Most Promising Sage Solution Providers 2018

With the focus on making the process simple, accurate, and affordableAatrix Electronic Forms Division is now one of the nation’s premier payroll reporting specialists and looks forward to advancing in the field of accounting and technology with the fastest pace.