Herrington Technology



“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic.” – Arthur C Clarke

Herrington Technology is one such company that has created that necessary “magic” required to accelerate and expand the business to the new destination. It’s an innovative, multi-channel and highly differentiated brand. Its products & solutions deliver significantly more brand value across its entire advanced technology delivery spectrum than most of the other IT providers.

Listed in the 10 most valuable SAP Solution Providers, Herrington Technology leverages non-traditional, futuristic, advance Technology services and solutions channels that are highly differentiated that eventually helps in building a vast customer base. Headquartered in Manhattan, New York, Herrington Technology is a niche advanced technology firm providing FUTURE-GEN specialized technology solutions, cross-industry, to small, mid-sized and world’s top firms.

The solutions designed by Herrington Technology are engineered to be highly specialized and tailored to precisely meet the client’s requirements. This includes working with customers to understand their business and how they can flourish through the implementation of Herrington Solutions. This is the core reason that a large number of global customers are tapping into its advisory and advanced technology. Herrington Technology has had the opportunity to build a better tomorrow with what they have and offered support to many of the world’s top enterprise projects in the past.

The organization has provided customized SAP advisory project go-live support, SAP production performance tuning and mission-critical systems & configuration support are irrespective of the client size or industry. The services and solutions of the organization include a unique delivery experience for the client. This type of delivery experience can include new or emerging technology that is less understood regarding implementation, deployment and overall process but more regarding customer’s interest and generated a very high value–driven capability.

The distinguishing factors of Herrington Technology delivery are specialized models, brand label and R&D which ultimately delivers premium FUTURE-GEN solutions and services for its clients. It leverages its specialized internal models and deployment methods to ensure the best possible and most efficient outcomes for the clients. The firm has a highly specialized team of experts to offer unique solutions to each generation. The collaboration of innovation, creativity, and science at Herrington enables the team to work on the frontier curve of advanced technology.

Herrington Technology has the necessary frameworks and advanced tech expertise to guide your teams through the adversity with the best of its solutions and skills. This is in part due to the inception of Herrington Technology which took place during the worst economic recession since the great depression. It is all because of the bold leadership of Valery Herrington, CXO of Herrington technology and his ‘Let’s Do it’ attitude.

Valery Herrington has cultivated her firm’s market position over 30 years of vast industry leading-edge experience which includes top-tier consulting, enterprise business excellence, and advanced computer expertise. She has the highest level of cumulative SAP professional career expertise in private practice. She has also achieved degrees in Economics, German, Computer Science and a leading executive MBA degree with a specialized focus in business finance and digital technology for healthcare from John Hopkins Carey Business School. It is the expertise of Valery and team that has gained an edge over its competitors.

Looking at the rapid change & evolution in technology, Herrington practices R&D innovations to explore and develop new innovative solutions for its clients. The industry dynamics like competition, scalability, productivity, and customer service, streamlined process and need for innovation keeps the team of Herrington on their toes.

In the era of IT revolution, there are many pioneering technologies. Hence, a thorough understanding and specialization of new technologies help the team to compete for its sustenance and well-being. Herrington Technology is an organization with young professionals motivated to work with technology. A team with many years of experience is tough to find; therefore, efficiency is an essential ingredient of success.

Ensuring efficiency and value-driven delivery is a challenging task especially for advanced technology where there are scarce resources, and few understand the capability or delivery model. In many situations, there are no case studies to draw upon, but Herrington Technology paved the way for clients and partner. With a prior track record of wins in this space, Herrington well-positioned itself to deliver under this framework. So, challenging projects and implementations that require specialized delivery and advanced technology are more accessible to capture and deploy for Herrington Technology. Its unique customer loyalty provides a return on investment over both short and long-term with highly differentiated customer care unique to Herrington Technology.

The select client wins highly differentiated and innovative brand label solutions. A growing, diverse customer and client base are the current hallmarks of the organization’s most recent success. Also, Herrington Technology has aggressively grown deeper multi-channel roots in the industry with the help of a new R&D innovation division, exploring and developing new products and solutions for the market in today’s global economy.