Forests are an integral part of our ecosystem; they aid in keeping a balance between three main pillars; ecological, economic and socio-cultural. The adequate management of forests provide integrated benefits, and it has gained momentum as carbon footprint sinks, and there is more use of synthetic and oil-based products.

Few companies and enterprise recognized the need to manage forests efficiently, and Wuudis Solutions Oy. is one of them. The company offers scalable and efficient solutions for sustainable forest and wood supply management that are innovative, standardized and more cost-effective. The company provides effective IT solution for the entire forest ecosystem which is way better than the current options.

The company realized that the only realistic way to conserve our forests is by applying sustainable forest management practices and therefore the company has integrated the extensive use of IT in various systems and processes.

The forest management solutions that the company offers can integrate big data from several sources (e.g., drones and satellites) and use advanced data analytics and digitalization to improve the efficiency of the entire value chain, from planting to harvesting, supply chain, and end-use. Wuudis also made use of the latest and the most sophisticated machine learning algorithms to provide necessary alerts on time to relevant forest stakeholders which saves their time and money.

It is true that as long as there are human beings on the planet, they need forest resources for their survival. The need of the hour is of such businesses which understand their demand and endeavors to meet the same. Wuudis Solutios Oy, by offering digitized solutions is attending to the demand of over a million people and contributing over $200 billion to the global market.

What Wuudis Solutions Oy faced as the primary challenge was not being readily accepted by the conventional and a little conservative, traditional forest sector, both domestic and international. The traditional markets worked on the pen and paper methodology and they lacked the awareness regarding the impact of poor forest management, therefore accepting digitization in their domain was a tough thing for them.

However, Wuudis Solutions Oy managed the barriers wonderfully by educating and communicating directly with all the stakeholders via key organizations and assisting them in overcoming their doubts and helping them become an active participant of the entire forest management system.

In addition to the management of the forest, the company also work on several ambitious projects and proved its expertise by offering client-centric solutions. Wuudis Solutions delivers IT solutions based on project-based software development followed by SaaS fees for updates and maintenance.

Till date, the project management issues with Forest Center has been smooth because of myriad reasons, significant among them was the appointment of a dedicated person to handle the project who is responsible for the seamless coordination and completion of the project and the software developers who possess a solid forestry background and have experience working in the similar industry.

One of the biggest clients of Wuddis is Finnish Forest Centre which is on a mission of digitalizing every single hectare of Finnish forest by 2020 and Wuudis Solutions Oy will support Metsäkeskus in achieving that mission. Finnish Forest Centre has agreed for an IT development with Wuudis Solutions Oy regarding specific mobile solutions for the next three years.

As per the Founder & CEO, Mr. Seppo Huurinainen, sustainable forest management means different things to different stakeholders. While to forest landowners it is merely selling the timber at reasonable rates and passing the forest in good condition to the next heir, it is protecting the left-over trees and proper construction of roads for a logger.

However, for a professional forester, sustainable forestry means adopting fair forestry practices for a given forest, and that is what the CEO and the Founder is keenly indulged in. He has a cumulative experience of 35 years in forestry, entrepreneurship, and information technology.

He holds a broad academic experience in GIS, IT, and silviculture with five university level degrees. He revolutionized the forest and wood supply chain business through digital services and according to Mr. Huurinainen, his forest property works as a ‘sandbox’ to test Wuudis ICT services by maintaining quality checks at every point of software development.

Wuudis Solutions Oy are cost-effective, and it is ideal for the entire forest ecosystem, from private forest owners and small forest service companies to large corporations and forest authorities, connecting them via open data interfaces to provide a virtual marketplace and forest value and health monitoring. What sets the company apart from other similar players is its unique knowledge of forest management and wood processing industry to create value for all stakeholders in the forest industry and the pace with which it innovates.

It is the outcome of its innovative approach that the company has raised a total of 1M€ from EU Commission for its research and innovation activities. Wuudis Solutions Oy clients are from all walks of life that revolves around forests, from Forest owners to Forestry service companies, contractors – especially SMEs, large forest corporations, communities, and countries.

With an optimistic future, the company is all set to create breakthrough innovation by offering tree-wise forest inventory monitoring and other value-added services utilizing processed satellite data and aerial images collected by drones for field verification. The company dreams to achieve the position of one of the market leaders in forestry digitalization business in a three years time span from now.