Smile Junction – Spreading Smile, Curbing Illness

A s per a survey from the World Health Organisation, depression is a common illness worldwide, with more than 300 million people affected. The survey report is an eye-opener and the need of the hour is to create an ecosystem where such individuals are provided best medical counseling and treatment.

Inspired by the sole objective of helping such people and developing a positive attitude in them, Dr. Reena Bhansali established Smile Junction in the year 2008 in Jodhpur.  It was the first independent private clinic that offers HR and psychological counseling to individuals and corporations as well.

With over 7000 clients spread across the nation and the international geographies, SJ offer services in the field of psychological counseling, marital relationships, addictions, infertility, grief, youth issues, career, and academic issues. SJs clients are from all walks of life, from the corporate to schools, hospitals, Indian Army and Indian Airforce.

Among the various services offered by Smile Junction, some of the prominent one includes 

  • Psychological Counseling (Psychotic and Neurotic Disorders)
  • Personality Analysis
  • Educational Counseling
  • Relationships and Marital Counseling,
  • HR solutions for corporate establishments.

Let’s Smile All The Way’ is the motto of Smile Junction, and with a dedicated team of enthusiastic people, Smile Junction is optimistic about spreading smiles in the lives of everyone who comes to them. From teenagers suffering from identity crisis due to ever-increasing competition, to parents who want to give their children a life full of happiness but fails miserably, teachers who devote their complete life in making their students reach the pinnacle of success but could not meet the expectations, couples who want a more intimate and fulfilling relationship but could not achieve due to lack of patience and understanding and professionals who want to make it big in the life but could not due to mismatch of the work-life balance, Smile Junction has something for everyone.

Smile Junction caters not only psychological or HR counseling but also sensitive issues like sexual abuse, domestic violence, suicide, drug addiction, and infertility. The aim is to provide, an individual dealing with any of the life’s problem, a solution that will change his attitude towards life and to develop in him an ability to deal with such issues and live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

The most significant stigma attached to such problems is the acceptance of the fact that it is a normal problem and that the person is not mentally ill. It requires a complete shift in the way our society thinks about such issues and making it more acceptable to everyone. Smile Junction is making every effort to change the individual and also counsel his family members so that they become more tolerant and help him live a normal life.

SJ modus operandi is unique, and the organization gives a tailor-made solution after researching the issue and also considering the advice of its experts who have a stellar experience. The center follows a therapy-oriented approach rather than the medication. This requires counseling parents and relatives, handling society at large, referring to medical professionals and convincing for counseling sessions till they need it.

CEO of Smile Junction, Dr. Reena Bhansali, stands as a pillar behind such a noble cause. She takes pride in religiously delivering her services and creating a long-lasting impact on society by offering various human-oriented services from Smile Junction. A Ph.D by degree, Psychological Counselor by profession and HR by choice, she has many diplomas and certificates on her name like Certificate course in guidance and counseling, course in forensic and criminal profiling, course in women, law and gender justice, Diploma in criminal psychology and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management, full stack HR analytics course.

She is also a Gold medalist in Bachelors and has many National and International papers on her name, 200+ lectures, and workshops on Lifestyle management, Psychological issues, Women and law, Infertility and youth issues. She has received Appreciation award by President AFWWA 2008-09 and worked as Research Assistant in a study involving Women’s Human right cases by Columbia University and The London School of Economics and Political Science by Dr. Tamara Relis (Ph.D., Barrister)(2007-2008).

She has also been awarded as Bhaskar Woman of the Year -2015 for contribution in the field of Youth and Child Care and is affiliated to American Psychological Association, Indian Menopause Society, International Association of Holistic Psychology, Indian Association of Applied Psychology, Indian Association of School Psychology, National Academy of Psychology.

Dr. Reena is a strong woman and knows that life is not easy and every individual has his or her own set of challenges and that everyone is not fortunate to have someone to listen or help them. Therefore she conceived the idea of Smile Junction and successfully treated over 7000 clients in a span of 11 years.

Smile Junction is also a technology savvy organization and offers both online and offline counseling to people living in far-flung places. The center also provides free counseling to the underprivileged and has tied up with an NGO Sambahali Trust to help fight against sexual abuse and help to spread the message across the society.