Dr. Rajev B Sharma Tasa Asia

The one thing that separates a successful person from not-so-successful person is the amount of knowledge & perseverance the person has. There is no substitute for quality education & learning , and the results are apparent. With the dream to make Quality Education available for all and to bridge the gap that exists in the education industry, Dr. Rajev B Sharma launched TASA ASIA.

Founder & CEO Dr. Sharma is a seasoned Management professional, a technocrat and an Entrepreneur with extensive  27 years of Global Business experience in Creating & Leading High-performance teams in Strategy, Growth & Expansion for the Institutional and Retail markets.

He started his Entrepreneurship journey seven years back, and has founded two start-ups in Education and two in Finance space.  The Venture in International Education- TASA ASIA is now being rated as the largest B2B International Education organization in South Asia.

Before being an entrepreneur, he has honed his management skills as a senior professional and has handled CXO roles in Education and Financial Industries. He likes to be known as “Edu-Venturist Innovator “ . His goal for TASA ASIA is to “Organize the International Education Industry in Asia & Africa “  and his personal goal is to “ Democratize the International Education Industry “.


TASA Asia is one of the largest B2B Global Education organization in South Asia . TASA Asia works with more than 590 reputed international universities and colleges spread over 19 countries like  US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe , Dubai, Singapore, Japan, South Korea , Malaysia  & more . For select few universities it functions as their South Asia / India / Country Office.

TASA ASIA is engaged in providing Education, Career Counselling and Global Education solutions to students interested in studying abroad and helping them to be global citizens. It has amongst the most extensive networks of 600+ Recruitment Partners , 6 captive centres , 5 Country offices , 25 Local Institutional partners in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Maldives, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and is now spreading its wings in the Far East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

TASA ASIA helps students for their Immersion, Internship, Vocation, Undergraduate, Postgraduate and doctoral programs in the areas of Management, Engineering, Information Technology, Law, Creative Arts, Liberal Arts, Design, Para-medical and Medical. TASA ASIA also offers counselling and consultancy services to various colleges, institutions, and universities in India and abroad. With intentions to be a leader in Afro-Asian Region, TASA Asia covers a spectrum umbrella of Overseas Education & Study Abroad Products & Services for students, Partners & customers.

 The Product & services of TASA Asia can be divided in 3 vertical’s

  1. International Student’s Recruitment Business & Study Abroad
  2. Global Education Business
  3. International Education Consulting and other services

International Recruitment & Study Abroad:

  • TASA STUDY ABROAD | UG/PG/ PhD programs in International Universities
  • TASA VOCATIONS ABROAD | Study & Work abroad
  • INTERNLIFE | Short term Global Internships
  • IMMERSIO | Short term educational tours abroad
  • INDIA WINDOW PROGRAM | Recruitment for Programs in India

Global Education Business :

  • TASA VARSITY | Online Blended Learning Platform
  • STREAM | Real Estate Programs
  • TASMAC | Business -School
  • WHITE POLAR BEAR | Crypto-currency Education

International Education Consulting & Other Services:

  • KAREERPATH | Career Assessment & Guidance that uses a proprietary Scientific tool  to create a ‘Personalized & Goal-Based Roadmap’ towards career-pathwayfor students .
  • STAGE : Centre for Students Advancement & Global Experience | International Office at local university / College Campus.
  • UPSKOL | Career Advancement Centre at School Campus: UPSKOL’s conjoined model of assessment, counselling, planning and managing educational services allows to provide a wide range of career services for high school students .
  • EFS | Education Financial Services: EFS is a value-added service to students needing financial assistance during their education abroad. It is a market place for Student loans, Global payment cards , Forex services ,Insurance etc.

The Value System of Founder & TASA Asia revolves around :

  1. Team
  2. Trust
  3. Transparency

All the Products & Services of the company are in place and while pursuing the  mission to-  “Organize the International Education Industry in Asia & Africa”  the  company expects to have exponential growth in the next five years.  The organization is pursuing a Width and Depth Strategy. In width, the organization is expanding in Far East Asia through its Singapore office and in the Middle East & Africa through its Dubai office.

Under Depth Strategy, the organization is pursuing the strategy of Captive Centres in India, International Offices in local Institutes, Student Counselling centres in High Schools. Internationally, the organization has now opened up Country offices in Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Dubai to purse width & depth strategy.

While discussing with the editorial team it emerged that – The Goals 2024 Tasa Asia is pursuing are:

  1. To be the largest Virtual Global Varsity in India .
  2. To be the largest Student Counselling organization in Indian.
  3. To be the biggest overseas education organization in terms of reach.

The organization and Dr Rajev are deeply involved in changing the DNA of the organization from being a B2B organization to B2C and to incorporate the Customer centric Culture of Execution in day-to-day business.

He is leading  the change  by listening  more to the end customer and implementing the organization’s key values of  “ Team, Trust and Transparency “ in all the solutions being provided to students , parents and Institutions .