Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Websites

Artificial Intelligence is an enabling technology that allows web applications to adapt over time by observing and learning from users’ habits and preferences. User experience improves as a result of the applications becoming smarter. It offers many advantages in person-machine interactions. With the invention of AI, applications do not approach a problem in the same way time after time and make the same mistake. It optimizes and modifies the solution based on prior experience and human interaction because despite the technology-driven world we are in; most people still value the human touch more. Even though AIs can make work through automation easier, human input is still essential for AI’s to function better.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

AI multi-tasks and performs monotonous, repetitive jobs quickly with the help of machine intelligence
AI reduces errors, increases the degree of precision, and helps in organizing and managing data
With the help of programming robots, AI performs tedious and difficult tasks with greater responsibility and precision

As machines don’t require breathers at regular intervals, AI can be programmed for long durations without breaks
AI in Websites

Using AI solutions enable websites to adapt better to the needs of the user. Real-time learning technology evaluates customer’s mood and understands their preferences. According to research, AI allows to dynamically modify websites as per the customer by including a search through the website. AI opens excellent opportunities for e-commerce marketers as well. With the implementation of AI solutions, the online experience of users is becoming more personalized. The goal is not only to make navigation through the website clear but also to provide the customer with the perfect search environment.

Examples of AI in Websites :

Wix-Wix does not need any introduction when it comes to designing websites. It has an easy drag and drop feature that can make beautiful user-friendly websites. It provides the option to help you develop the website quite easily and faster with the help of AI now. The AI platform enables you to design websites and also customize it according to the client or the end-user. This attracts users to create the site faster, and easier as per their own choice.

1. WordPress plugins :  AI can play a vital role in improving WordPress search, grammar and style of the content, show related content, boost sales for e-commerce and improve conversions. WordPress plugins that use AI have a smarter, faster, and more personalized website for users. It also helps to save a lot of time despite contributing to the growth of the business.

2. FireDrop :  Firedrop uses AI named Sacha that designs websites automatically around the content provided. It does not use any templates, or web designers, just its own AI designer (Sacha). Firedrop aims to put the possibilities and limits of the web into the hands of ordinary people and automate the process of designing and generation of websites using AI.

3. The Grid:  The Grid uses the power of AI to grab everything from- videos to images, texts, URLs and automatically puts them into a custom website created as per your unique preference. The Grid evolves with the user as and when their needs grow. It effortlessly adapts to all the requirements and is undoubtedly one of the best personal AI web developers.

4. Google Allo:  This is a progressive AI technology of smart replies, which was introduced in 2015 and has taken over the world of texting and emailing ever since. Google Allo uses machine learning to create appropriate and customised replies to questions and statements automatically. It is also said that in no time Google Allo will provide its users with compound responses, mixed up with emojis and stickers as well.

5. Rank Brain:  The next one is RankBrain that is a self-learning AI system. Its primary task is to present better results to user inquiries. It uses mathematical formulae and analysing language semantics to understand and learn the manner and reason of human search. It then applies these conclusions into further research, and facilitates the mechanism of users’ investigation.

6. Street View:  Street View is designed as a specific function of Google Maps and Google Earth that offers to enjoy various views all around the globe. It has the ability to show the users panoramas of stitched photographs. Street View is known to a useful source of virtual travelling, as it displays the most distant parts of the Earth in real time.

There are many benefits that AI offers in different industries all over the world. Despite all these praiseworthy innovations in technology, we still have a long way to go when we are talking about AI taking over most of the jobs that humans usually carry out. AIs are web designers’ best friend as it makes their jobs faster and more manageable. This enables them to have more time to deal with complicated tasks rather than having to work on a tedious one. In web design, based on how the current AIs are functioning, the future seems to be quite bright.