APEX RISK MANAGEMENT – The 10 Most Admired Consultant Leaders to watch in 2019

Risk is an inevitable part of human life, and there is no aspect of life which is not at risk, it can be financial , related to health or business performance. There is an emerging need in the era of globalization of companies which offer reliable risk management solutions that give much peace of mind to customers and make their lives more secure.

Apex is one such company which launched its operations in the year 2001 when ‘Risk Management’ was a foreign word to people and a few understood what it is and how it helps an individual. The company offers risk management and security solutions in the event of any crisis or damage a Professional face. Managing the perceived risk is integral to professionals as they live a life where everything is haphazard, and care
needs to be taken to handle the crisis or emergency.

Apex Risk Management primarily works for medical practitioners and believes in the fact that it is a must for the medical fraternity. Apex Risk Management is a team of qualified experts who are prepared to tell the story, quickly and effectively, when anything goes wrong with its clients. The team communicates with the clients seamlessly and put forth every effort to meet their expectations.

Although AICL is for every professional, the company somehow
is more inuential with Medical Professionals, Hospitals and Doctors. The
primary role of the company includes creating awareness about the expected
risk, nding an effective solution, telling a story to the authority which
includes Judicial system, Media, Police and even the people in general. The
company is responsible for carrying out effective crisis management operations
and safeguarding Medical Professionals. The company also takes care of the
patients who have to be compensated in the event of Professional Negligence by
a Doctor or Hospital.

Apex Management with its team of dedicated professionals is
ready 24X7 and offers doorstep service to its clients in case of an emergency.
Its experts include the Doctors who have done Law and Medico-legal course and
are known as Medico-legal, Lawyers and trained Risk Management Professionals.
Its team is always ready to reach the public with its ways of managing the
crisis and solve every situation with the highest extent of honesty and truth.

Apex Management has played a vital role in solving many
National Level Medico-legal cases. The system and society falsely implicated
the Doctors and the concerned hospitals in such cases and Apex with its
state-of-the-art services solved the cases with ease and alacrity.

 The company is the
Ofcial Risk Managers for some very Big Brands in Health care in India and
boasts a whopping 80 thousand Doctors as its members. Emergencies like power
off during an on-going operation or an unfortunate road accident are handled
with utmost seriousness at Apex.

 Apex was the rst
organized effort which brought the Crisis Management possibility in India.From
a well-organized planning team to a professional approach to the scope of the
problem to developing a plan, testing the plan and keeping the plan up-to-date,
the company is equipped with a talented workforce and other required resources
to take a full expert command on every step.

 Apex Joint Director,
Sanjay Kalika Mishra and his long term team partner and Friend Mr. Vijay Arora,
the CEO of Apex Group founded the Company in 1999-2000.

 AICL was formally
registered in the Year 2001. Sanjay has essential formal educational degrees
while Mr. Vijay Arora has a degree in Law apart from MBA. Sanjay primarily
looks after the Sales and Planning of the Company whereas Mr. Arora manages the
most complicated day to day operations and Services of the Company.

The ve key formulas that the duo has established has now
become the guiding principle of the company. They are: Organize a Planning
Team, Access the Scope of the Problem, Develop a Plan, Test that Plan, keep all
actions and plans updated.Apex Group with its unique expertise today operate in
more than 26 States and have an excellent trackrecord of carrying out some
effective crisis management operations in the Medical sector.

The company’s core competency lies in its team who are not always the highly qualied ones, the team generally comprise of people with not very fortunate backgrounds but wants to make big in their lives.Risk management solutions are essential for the growth – oriented professionals today, and Apex believes that the future, is of course, here and there is much more to be achieved.