Learning Levers – The 10 Most Admired Consultant Leaders to watch in 2019

In the current dynamic and competitive business environment where the number game prevails all the time, the importance and effectiveness of focusing on the human capital chasing those numbers are often understated. For organisations that aim to achieve their strategic direction and goals, it’s imperative that their human capital is constantly evolving and expanding its area of expertise. This enables them to service, manage and lead a business in the ever-changing times, ultimately paving the way for higher comprehensive results.

Training, developing and motivating employees has never been more crucial than it is in this day and age. Continuous learning and honing of skill ensures they are capable of handling situations that were once beyond their perceived potential and also enables them to capitalise on scenarios influenced by advancements in technology and processes that are impacting them constantly.

To bridge the gap between an organisation’s goals and the employees’ interpretation of those goals is where Learning Levers steps in. Learning Levers is a Corporate Training and Human Resource Consulting Organisation that is built to foster continuous learning and growth. Its primary objective is to help business houses build a better and empowered working environment by bringing out the best in their people, bridging competency and skill gaps and creating high-performing teams.

Having partnered with leading corporates since 2013, Learning Levers has trained over 20,000 employees across various skills and capability development programs. Its ability to bring a 360 degree blended training approach by effectively combining classroom programs with the digital medium of learning i.e. e-learning, gamification and business simulation, gives it the edge and makes it a one-stop shop for all learning solutions. At Learning Levers, every program is aligned and tailored to its client’s business needs, mirrors the real-world and attempts to achieve practical results, using innovative content and methodology that is engaging.

Learning Levers has also been associated with organisations to design and implement processes, policies and frameworks that improve efciency and encourage innovation. Its client landscape over these years has spanned across industries including Insurance, Banking, Consulting, Legal, Manufacturing, FMCG, Logistics, IT, Telecom, Pharma, Power, Retail and Media.

Learning Levers has its local presence in :

India: Mumbai, NCR, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune
Bangladesh: Dhaka

Headed by its founder Sukanya Roy Chaudhury, the leadership team of Learning Levers brings to the table over one hundred and fty years of experience in the space of people and organisation development. The team has been instrumental in successfully driving change and innovation for many of its client. Sukanya herself comes with seventeen years of profound experience in talent management and talent development. She has personally led various organisational development engagements for different clients and facilitated over 400 training programs on leadership, personal effectiveness, relationship management, creativity and various other behavioural subjects. In her previous stints, Sukanya has worked with prestigious organisations like Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers, where she held National and Regional positions in HR and Training.

The core leadership team at Learning Levers firmly believes that innovation, human collaboration and personalisation will be the focus area in the future as a lot of corporates find themselves in the midst of reinventing themselves with the onslaught of digitalisation and automation. Programs on digital thinking with agile, leading through change and ambiguity, controlling perceptions, managing ones social-media avatar, understanding behavioural science and experiential learning programs which are designed to be away from the conference rooms, are much sought after by corporates who are preparing for the challenges ahead.

Learning Levers’ strength resides in its industry-specific knowledge, implementing best practices across domains and utilising the latest advancements in adult learning techniques towards capability development. It has successfully held long term partnerships with its clients over the years and is committed to doing so for the years to come.

To know more about Learning Levers:
visit www.learninglevers.com or write to info@learninglevers.com


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