Transhuman Consulting – The 10 Most Admired Consultant Leaders to watch in 2019

Transhuman Consulting is an upcoming name in the field of Transformative Interventions both for an individual as well as for the organisations, and fast establishing itself as a thought leader in the space of Non-traditional and Human Centric approaches for Human Transformation, applicable in almost all context, be it Business or Individual. Organisation today has some unique offerings in the space of wholistic wellness, Leadership and Organisation Development. Organisation Development (OD). It renders people development services like Executive and Life coaching, Leadership Development, Behavioural Organisational Development, Holistic Interventions, Wellness Initiatives, Counselling, Mentoring etc. “Our path breaking methodology are centred around deep transformation of individuals where basic philosophy is to facilitate an inside-out journey. Even for the Organisation, the evolutionary journey of the Organisation as a living entity is studied and evaluated to understand the organisational dynamics “ adds Paritosh Sharan, the founder and the CEO.

The methodology and approach taken by Transhuman Consulting, is based on the ageless wisdom from east infused with latest scientific research in the field of Human Behaviours from west. All interventions undertaken by Transhuman area result of synthesis based on exploration of various domains/body of knowledge and experiences, such as, Human Process Lab, Human Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuropsychology and Neurophysiology, Ontological Distinctions, Theosophy, Energy Modalities, Yoga etc. “We take proud in our Holistic and Humanistic Approach , an inside-out journey for almost all of our interventions, be it Personal Growth Intervention, Coaching, Leadership Development or OD Interventions. This make our interventions unique and a departure from the traditional approaches being used” he further adds.

Organisation vision is to establish Transhuman Consulting as one of the most trusted partners in the transformational journey of an individual and organizations worldwide. With the sole purpose to develop and support values-based Visionary Leadership in all fields of human endeavour. Paritosh Sharan the founder and CEO of Transhuman Consulting, having spent more than 22 years in corporate world, realised his own deep interestin personal transformation as human being, and he himself went through various interventions and explore multiple modalities for more than a decade.

It is this resultant ecosystem, which got created and the rich experiences, that he personally went through, lead to the creation on Transhuman Consulting . Today Transhuman has many highly accomplished associates / consultants / coaches with similar interests and expertise , they together make them a cohesive team to deliver services to Individuals as well as Organisations.

Transhuman Consulting as one-of-a kind organisation, believe in achieving growth through organic means. It started off by offering open programs / workshops which caught the attention of Business Leaders , HR and L&D professionals , Coaches, who in turn took the interventions to organisations. Having worked with some of the most prestigious organisations and MNCs in India, organisation plans to expand to other geographies. Today Transhuman has already started providing Coaching Services across the world.


  • I have personally experienced Paritosh’s session that lasted for five continuous days. It was an excellent build-up that started with establishing the basics on the first day. The sessions from the second day kept getting more intense and drew in all of us, participants, into a different plane.

    Now, after my experience in December 2018, every situation and experience has taken on a deeper meaning and I am enjoying the insights from each of my transactions. My deep gratitude to Paritosh for his contribution in my continuing evolution.

  • I’m existed to see you here Paritosh.
    You are the one who deserves platform like this. Selfless dedicated and committed to the profession. Your association with me made me proud and I feel I’m blessed for that.

  • I am really excited to see his name here.. I had many interactions with . He is simply amazing person and extraordinary coach. I am grateful to see that his name is being highlighted at such platform. I wish that it will grow exponentially to bring maximum wellbeing for whole planet.

  • I have known Paritosh for a few years now. An excellent individual , a great listener , very humble and down to earth . A very good coach. I wish him all the best .

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