XIPHIAS – The 10 Most Admired Consultant Leaders to watch in 2019

From a business owner to a student, everyone needs to relocate given the requirements of their business for expansion or higher studies, respectively. Immigration is not an easy process; it requires a lot of knowledge and documentation which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Considering the growing need, the idea of XIPHIAS Immigration Private Limited was conceived. XIPHIAS was laid with a small idea to fulfil the dreams of the people who want to move to the other parts of the world and helping them complete the process. The plan worked, and XIPHIAS became a successful venture.

Today, XIPHIAS is one of the leading Immigration companies and a dependable one, providing solutions to its clients who intend to relocate to other parts of the world. It has an extensive list of successful and satisfied clients. It offers assistance in securing family visas, dependent visas, student visas, business visa, etc. The company believes in being a one-stop-solution provider to its clients.

XIPHIAS skilled professional and expert immigration counsellors are its, and the company provides dedicated and timely service to its customers. The team also provides premier, personalized advice to its clients as and when needed while also trying to simplify the whole process thus empowering the clients and their families. XIPHIAS Immigration is equipped with the right value systems which are built on a strong foundation of Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism, Collaboration, and accountability towards its resolve to empower its continuous growth and development.

Be it UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong or any country; the company helps people, companies and corporates with their immigration need irrespective of the Visa schemes.

Services offered by XIPHIAS:

  • Guide the client about the various jobs requirements available worldwide and help them choose which country suits their needs the best.
  • Walk them through the whole of the Visa Processing.
  • Guide them with the kind of documents required.
  • Provide support in the form of a Counsel who is a solicitor or lawyer representing the country to which the client wants to migrate to.
  • Help them with preparing the applications and uploading the necessary documentation.
  • Timely Update the status of the visa process to the client.
  • Diligent follow-up with the client about the required documents.
  • Counsel the clients about post-landing expectations and provide guidance and aid accordingly if need be.

XIPHIAS is a company that is technically sound and created systems that satisfy every requirement of its clients and provide much support than expected. The company has a mobile-based Application and a CRM which was developed by its in-house technical team that acts as the window for its clients to check the status of their VISA Process and update necessary documents as is needed.

Till date, the company has over 80,000 active consumers all across the globe. The company has scaled up as a top of Industry in immigration services. It has also automated the complete life cycle of the process to cater to thousands of its clients’ process in stages and with seamless communication and support system which stands unique as a one-stop solution exclusive for XIPHIAS Clients.

One of the greatest success in the history of XIPHIAS is to become the most significant application provider for Quebec Skilled Worker in Asia with successful client numbers going beyond 3000. MD, Varun Singh, believes in the philosophy of ‘Client first and Product/service later.’ He completed a decade with the immigration company working towards his goal to make immigration services the most popular brand in the country, nearby.

He has a keen sense of responsibility to make XIPHIAS immigration the most popular brand. Also, the most crucial attribute that matters to him is the sense of ownership and how people can reflect the spirit of an entrepreneur. As per him, ‘Staying humble and leading by examples are the two qualities that take you a long way.’

The greatest strengths of XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt. Ltd is its team, who have been chosen and nurtured with great care to provide the right combination of domain expertise and professionalism to its clients. The team at XIPHIAS comprises of solicitors, lawyers, eminent businesspeople and corporates who are located in different countries and are well versed in the local rules of different areas.

The company also facilitates working Professionals, Business Professionals, HNI’s and Corporates looking for Intra company transfer (IT-ITES). The company has concrete plans for launching a new service and adding more value to the lives of its clients.


  • Great đź‘Ťgoing..

    It’s a great honour to have an interaction with Mr. Varun Singh..As they rightly say Client first, Service/Product later..they even perform the same..

    Skilled..Expert and Professional Counselors..

    Xiphias Immigration is itself is a brand..

  • XIPHIAS Immigration is very good platform to full fill your dreams in terms of an employee and as a client.I would recommend XIPHIAS who wants to reach there destination in Overseas countries.

  • XIPHIAS Immigration is the only licensed immigration consultant and they follow very strict guidelines and code of conduct of ICCRC which controls all Immigrations business across globe.they are the most rewarded and awarded company in India.