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Got a business of your own? – You need advertising. Got a new service or product added? – You need advertising.

Marketing is an essential term in our day to day lives as a business cannot survive without marketing or branding their products or services. These days companies invest a huge amount in marketing their products or services so that they can reach to the broader and relevant audiences. Marketing can bring you profits or no – It is a controversial topic in the whole marketing theory, but it does bring you recognition within the most relevant audience.

Marketing is a theoretical term and the techniques to carry it out are uncountable. Evolved from traditional marketing techniques like flyers, posters, etc. to using digital platforms, reaching the audiences at their fingertips, marketing aims to reach consumers and make them aware of your products and services in a way that it would leave an impact on the one watching it. These days when every business is into branding at extraordinary levels by using digital platforms, one such evolution of marketing that grabs our attention is DOOH marketing. It is an acronym for Digital out-of-home, which is a kind of advertising which is enormously trending.

A sneak peek into DOOH

Advertising’s oldest medium is becoming its most exciting new channel. And in an era dominated by digital and shaped by technology, out of home (OOH) is delivering incredible new levels of innovation, effectiveness and efficiency. DOOH or Digital-Out-of-Home advertisingrefers to digital media that appears in environments accessible to the public.This includes digital billboardsand networks of screens also known as Place-based media that are used to serve up content in different ecosystems like Office Complexes, Restaurants & Café’s, Airports, Stations and Shopping Malls.

With Digital-Out-of-Home advertising, marketers are able to reach audiences in their daily journeys and the places they visit and when they are on the go using dynamic and optimizable content.The introduction of mobile location data has accelerated the adoption of programmatic technology in OOH thanks to its ability to provide buyers and advertisers with actionable audience insights, which will help make it more accountable and accessible, more flexible, and more creative. Automation, and in turn, programmatic, promises to take the best of outdoor and enhance it.

The ‘heads-down disorder’

Our society is more mobile, active and urban than ever before, the audience is experiencing ad blindness in the current times when data overdose through interruption has become the order of the day. But EyeTalk Media Ventures emerged as a way to offer disruption in the market by leveraging the power of the digital medium making advertising more targeted, contextual and non-intrusive.

Changing consumer behaviour and evolving media consumption habits created a vacuum that worked as an incubator for a DOOH platform with a difference. Digital is growing within OOH because it allows for a content-first approach that engages viewers and primes them for an ad message. Traditional OOH formats suffer from ad blindness and “heads-down disorder” as people are addicted to their phones. The industry is recognizing that OOH needs to draw attention away from the phone with engaging and energetic content.

About EyeTalk Media Ventures

In the flourishing ecosystem of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) in India, EyeTalk Media Ventures is one of the fastest-growing and leading DOOH media company that provides digital infrastructure and content-driven consumer engagement platforms to key urban ecosystems.

Strategic Joint Ventures – TagTalk and BizTalk, which are under the aegis of the parent company, are both datadriven real-time consumer engagement platforms that enable brands to connect with a tech-savvy, urban audience at a click of a button at key locations across the country.

In 2017, they tapped an unexplored space for the ad world – the Food & Beverage sector – by introducing a live, hyperlocal, content-driven platform – TagTalk, a Joint Venture between Eyetalk Media Ventures and Tagloy Media Pvt Ltd founded by Ronak Maniar and Pratik Saraiya. Their digital display network connected with urban millennials, who are often considered averse to advertising.The integrated content they consume with content they create, on a new digital canvas that talks in context and are plugged at most visited places features like Live Photo sharing, using location-based Instagram and Facebook.Their platform went viral as it enables today’s content creators such as fashion and food bloggers, pop artists,and photographers,to share and showcase their portfolios to a broader audience on a larger canvas. In the last 18 months, their network has tapped into over 300 premium and most-visited dine-and-drink destinations in five metros: New Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and have recently deployed in Dubai.

Complementing TagTalk, they are in the midst of launching India’s first real-time business network BizTalk in association with DRSTi Communications, The White- Collar Network connects with over 35 million primary workforces of the country at a click of a button. Being a content first platform Biztalk enhances workplace experience with localized and business content like Technology News, Market Cap, Sport Updates, Forex Rates, Dining offers etc.

With their widespread business in 8 metros, the company with its two uniquely positioned ecosystems captures urban consumer’s lifestyles by digitally capturing where they work at least five times a day and where they hang out at least twice a week.

The Team

The team of EyeTalk Media Ventures is the spine of their ideas and innovations. The core team comes with diverse backgrounds – Advertising, Technology, OEM and Hospitality. EyeTalk Media Ventures is powered by SkyLive (Prabh Industries) with offices in China, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and produces its own hardware.The core team consists of 5 prestigious members –

  • Gautam Bhirani
  • Amit Bagga
  • Jaswant Singh Juneja
  • Prabh Juneja
  • Jatinder Chugh

Their uniqueness and clientele

The merge of digital life and real worlds was not easy a concept for EyeTalk Media Ventures to sell, but their efforts and hard work contributed to their achievements today. Their clients today, are able to connect with millions of urban audiences digitally in Out-of-Home captive environments, their unique technology enables live broadcast and provides an opportunity to optimize content by location, day and time. With traditional OOH media, there was always a lacuna in terms of effectiveness and Return on Investment (ROI), but with both their costeffective platforms, they provide micro insights into the impact generated. This gives them an edge among modern brands looking for smarter solutions.

Some of their prominent clients include global brands like VIVO Smartphone, Netflix, Ola Cabs, NBA, Citibank and media agencies like GroupM, Dentsu Aegis Network, Publicis etc. Their efforts have been appreciated and recognized on both national and international platforms.

EyeTalk Media Ventures reach and future

DOOH advertising is one of the most talked-about sectors globally and is registering rapid growth in India’s media and entertainment landscape. It has reached Rs 1.5 billion and is poised to grow to Rs 5 billion to Rs 6 billion in the next five years, according to the Ficci-EY Media andEntertainment Industry Report 2019.

As an organization, they are already one of the largest connected networks in India and are transforming OOH media landscape by bringing media uniformity with measurable unparalleled reach at a national level, tapping two key urban ecosystems with over 1000 multi format live connected displays. The extensive reach that their network provides complemented with their in-house robust technology and the audience they cater to gives them an edge over other existing players which has attracted leading global brands and ad delivery networks. As advertising evolves to increasingly embrace digital trends, with the increase in data availability in real-time, personalized, automated out of home moves closer to reality into the world of programmatic advertising, they are the First Indian network to be on a Global Ad Exchange, they have been recently exclusively signed by Argentinian Ad Exchange – Taggify. Location data has been paramount, as it allows to leverage the tools that have been built for other channels and applied them to DOOH.Programmatic DOOH offers advertisers possibly the only environment in which you can feasibly target at scale valuable 16 to 35 -year-olds outside of social media. An advertiser’s first- and thirdparty data can be used to optimise its OOH campaigns and create a more unified user experience across all media channels.

With this transformation in OOH and new revenue streams through programmatic advertising they plan to continue investing into urban ecosystems activating over 1000+ locations across the country and consolidate India’s Digital Place based Media network with its unique real – time content driven networks .

For More Details : https://www.eyetalkmedia.com/


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