Fespro Foods – BS Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2019

Sustenance and wellbeing are straightforwardly relative. Eating great is a fundamental piece of our lives as one needs to remain healthy. There are foodies who like to eat everything without exception that is delectable and there are fitness freaks who eat only the food that contributes to their health. Fespro Foods is a firm that has progressed in the direction of joining these and making food products which are healthy just as delicious. In this day and age where everybody is moving towards healthy and simple choices as a result of the way of life they pursue, Fespro Foods mulls over the difficulties and takes a shot at them to give sound alternatives to their consumers.

Founded by Mr.Naresh Maheshwari (Food Technologist, Founder and C.E.O of FTI Food Tech Pvt. Ltd.) and Mr.Pankaj Bairoliya (Marketing Professional, Founder and C.E.O of Aryavrat Marketing PVt. Ltd.), the two food enthusiasts, Fespro Foods Pvt. Ltd. is based in Indore, M.P (India). Their voyage of arriving into an effective business market has been a roller-coaster ride. They have had their share of ups and downs while they had started up. Yet, their faith in their own work and experience made them stop nowhere and they were propelling themselves ahead. At first, they confronted difficulties in recognizing the trusted and appropriate manufacturers as they were inclined towards getting the food products manufactured from the contractual workers. Over the time they were able to get through the hurdle and start their process of manufacturing the intended food products. Presently, Fespro Foods in relationship with their makers stroll alongside one another with planned achievement.

According to their vision – “To serve nutrition deliciously.”, they make sure that each product contains the right amount of ingredients, keeping the nutrition value intact as well as making the food delicious. They want to serve the nation food that they long for. As per their mission – “To spread the taste of health filled goodness.”, they are working towards not only serving the nation, but to also venture abroad. Their aim is to spread the taste and delicacy of their food products all over the world and they are in the process of taking the necessary steps for that.

Within a span of just 2 years, Fespro Foods Pvt. Ltd. has achieved a decent market share. They had started it off with a small team and limited manufacturers for their products. They are smart enough to strategize how to take a lead in the food industry and in the market alongside their competitors. Begun with an idea to serve the customers with food products that are tasty, healthy and affordable at the same time, Fespro Foods has been able to make a stand and spread across the nation and also abroad. Their diligent work towards making their brand a triumph and spreading generally over the market is found in their techniques and accomplishments. The effort they have put in to cause their image to develop, is extraordinary. Started from a small town, today their items are accessible on all prestigious online stages and furthermore at modern trades all over India. With every effort they put in to develop and serve individuals with their delicacies, they had a yearly turnover of Rs. 6 Crores in the year 2018-19. They hope to close FY 19-20 at higher numbers around 7.5 Crores.

The consumers of Fespro Foods are happy customers and their testimonials are the evidence. They have picked up an extraordinary name and trust among their customers. Fespro Foods being one of the confided in brands in food industry, has developed from a little group to a tremendous one and is still aiming to grow. Despite the fact that they are spreading tremondously, Fespro Foods never needs to restrict themselves with the ideas and innovations. They are continuously progressing in the direction of bringing new products and the work is done at their Innovations and Technology Center. They are in process to launch a range of instant food products under the name- “Fespro Insta”. Their initial offerings will include Poha and Oats, but with their signature twist, to give it a touch of their innovation. Their quality control is the best one as there is an effective Quality Management System (QMS) set up. The QMS causes them accomplish perfect standardization, magnificent quality and hygiene. Their In-house Food Technology and Innovations centre constantly works on New Product Development & a team of food technologists & microbiologists ensure the Quality of the product and food safety aspect to meet the demands of their valued customers. The customer testimonials are most esteemed in Fespro Foods. They consider it as their most prominent accomplishment since consumer loyalty is something what they strive for. India has 5000 plus Modern Trade outlets and counting. Fespro Foods plan to establish and grow their presence in these types of outlets by placing themselves in as many of these Modern Trade outlets as possible.

They have planned their future engagements and are working on evaluating the different overseas markets. They have successfully launched their product range in UAE. The excellent response from the consumers has encouraged them to expand it to other parts of the Middle East and other countries and they are in discussion with international supermarket chains to place their products. All in all they are focused on providing convenient, healthy and good to taste products that are affordable for all income groups and they are leading the market today, and has already left a mark of a company that is just enhancing and expanding day by day.

For More Details : https://www.fesprofoods.com/