Halcyon Media – BS Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2019

Today, digital marketing is the most popular and effective tool for branding among global leaders in consumer technology and innovation because of its ever-evolving nature. As we know, with great power comes great responsibility. Digital marketing too demands ever-increasing commitment for the potential that it carries makes domain expertise no longer a luxury but an exigency to account for structured and thoughtful use of the tool that can go either way—yes, in today’s time, there is such a thing as bad publicity. Visibility alone does not make anything ‘visible’ in our information-saturated world; it is the uniqueness of a product or service that makes it stand out, or visible. Digital marketing agencies execute just that. They find that one contour in your offering that stands apart from its competitors with which they create a campaign that helps in reaching out to your consumer in every nook and corner of the world.

Halcyon Media is one such agency that positions itself as a ‘growth partner’. Halcyon was established as a traditional creative agency around four years ago, but soon they realized the need-gap as well as demand for single-window service among small and mid-size businesses. Halcyon Media assist their clients with every aspect of marketing—be it market-entry, launch or content creation and dissemination.

Halcyon Media is rapidly growing, striving to become the market leader. Boosted with the trust and partnership of their esteemed clients which include Indian brands like Badshah Masala, Granules n Beans to International tech brands-30 of them under one umbrella of Taiwan Excellence. Their growth is exemplified by their versatile demographic which they credit to their great relationship with clients.

Halcyon Media values ethical business practices above everything else, which has earned them, respect and credibility from their clients. Halcyon has a small but passionate team that is willing to go the extra mile to accomplish the goals of its clients. The team never runs out of enthusiasm and energy, which reflects in the work that they deliver while being flexible and proactive.

Halcyon Media has seen tremendous progress ever since its inception. Started as a creative advertising agency, it soon delved into content and digital media making its way towards being a full-service agency. It is a significant challenge,  as such an agency must scale up in every direction including content, communication, media, and technology.

One of Halcyon’s achievements as an agency is BrandVid 2019 Gold Award in the ‘Best Brand Film’ category, their captivating forty minute film for Assam Tourism titled ‘Awesome Assam with Sarah Todd, which also aired on National Geographic Network. Awesome Assam is a gateway into the mesmerizing beauty and culture of Assam. The film was completed under challenging circumstances as the onset of monsoon brought a series of hurdles in their road trip hampering the flow and shooting schedule.

The Founder CEO of Halcyon Media, Jyotshna Kalita comes with a long experience of over 17 years across diverse industries. She brings to the table a treasure trove of experience in journalism, literature, documentary film ,entertainment TV , brand solutions, and corporates—building fresh business verticals. Juggling her roles as CEO, Creative Head and Lead Strategist, Jyotshna, is now working towards getting professional management onboard to get some load off her shoulder.

Having a rich experience in both national and regional media, Jyotshna wants Halcyon to benefit from her learnings, but she acknowledges that the future of her company rests on the shoulders of her team. She believes in creating next-level leadership from the young members of her team, which is the only way to sustainable growth. She recognizes the importance of learning from the young members of the team and ensuring that they are aligned with her vision and she is cognizant of their issues. She is a firm believer in emotional quotient and relationship-driven work culture.

Halcyon Media is currently going through a transition phase as they expand their team and acquire more technological resources, which will expand their services while also increase efficiency. Sameer Mahuli, who recently came on board on Halcyon as the COO – Strategic Growth, comes from a hardcore IT and Gaming background and is one of the key members acting as a guiding light in terms of performance and tech-based services in digital media.

The strength of Halcyon Media is their deep understanding of content. They consider that their content expertise will take them a long way forward, believing in the phrase “Content is King” in this era which helps with the organic reach of any brand on the digital platforms through their content strategy. Halcyon Media’s vision is to be the most trusted partner for any startup or a new – age business.

Halcyon Media has a versatile team that comes from diverse backgrounds, which gives them an edge over a huge service agency at the cost of a competitive young startup. While not paying too much attention to profits, Halcyon focuses on dedicating their efforts to achieve their targets first that showcase the talent and commitment of their team. Halcyon Media is committed towards its goal and is one of the most trusted agencies today to get your business the reach you need.

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