Kreate Konnect – BS Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2019

E-commerce has become an essential part of everyone’s life. Today online shopping has penetrated into every facet of our lives with customers being able to purchase anything sitting at the solace of their homes. With just a few clicks of a button and purchasing things without any hassle, likewise having the merchandise delivered to the doorstep, has created a growing demand for e-commerce.

Thus, it is time to sell. The number of merchants selling on the various e-commerce platforms is increasing with each day. However, with the growing competition among the e-commerce platforms for hosting all the sellers, the sellers are fighting for their share of the online market. Also, owing to the dynamic nature of the e-commerce marketplaces many sellers are unfamiliar with the rules, trends, and policies of these marketplaces that shape the business of a seller.

It is here that Kreate Konnect noticed an untapped potential. Kreate Konnect is an e-commerce management company that provides end to end e-commerce management solutions to online sellers. The company helps sellers and brands to manage their business more efficiently and effectively on various e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Nykaa, etc. Founded by the duo Abhishek Jain and Piyush Jaidev in June 2015 Kreate Konnect boasts of a team of e-commerce enthusiasts with core competencies in all aspects related to selling online both locally and globally. Started from a small office in south Delhi, today Kreate Konnect has offices in New Delhi, Vadodara and Bengaluru. Both Abhishek and Piyush was successful online sellers and was managing domestic and international e-tailing when they felt the need for a platform or a solution to assist the sellers. The sellers are the back-bone of an ecommerce marketplace and there existed a need for an end-to-end solution that would help them to manage their entire business from a single place instead of running after multiple service providers and vendors. The company started by providing services to various brands and sellers and soon realized that they need to leverage technology to scale the business. That is when the company developed its proprietary cloud-based solution to assist sellers in managing their business more effectively on the e-commerce marketplaces. The company has a unique business model where they blend technology and services to provide a self-sustaining e-commerce ecosystem to its clients.

The company believes that it is changing the world of Indian e-commerce in many ways and likes to call itself the ‘second brain’ of its clients. Kreate Konnect has always aimed at becoming the most influential names in the Indian e-commerce industry. At Kreate Konnect data is at the center of everything and thus the company has been able to create highly scalable processes. At all times they are collecting more than 50 data points from various ecommerce marketplaces. These data points are then collated and analyzed to generate insights and recommendations for their clients. The system has been built in such a way that, it keeps becoming more intelligent and accurate as more and more data is collected. This uniqueness and intelligence are what make it stand out.

As per Piyush and Abhishek, Kreate Konnect is built on a few core principles which revolve around people, technology and sustainability. Their emphasis on technology has helped them to serve a high number of clients with a very lean team. Their lean structure and process-based approach has helped them grow very fast. They have also invested heavily in their people and as a result of which they are a strong team of 35 people today with attrition rates being as low as 5%.

Both Abhishek and Piyush believe that Kreate Konnect’s greatest strength lies in its efficient systems and processes. They lay very high emphasis on data collection and this approach has helped them to maintain a client retention rate of more than 90%. They realize the dynamic nature of the ecommerce industry and thus they are constantly evolving. Their account management, inventory management, data collection, CRM processes undergo a complete overhaul every couple of months with each system more robust than the last one. They take pride in the fact that they have taken a completely different approach than their competitors. As a result of which today they are the only e-commerce management company in the country that has access to unimaginable insights into the Indian e-commerce industry. This approach has helped them to reach more than 5000 orders daily and served more than 2 million e-commerce customers across the globe. As of today, they are managing 40+ clients from around the globe. Some of the big names include Godrej, Asian Paints, Archies.

Kreate Konnect has made its mission to help sellers across the globe by automating every part of their e-commerce businesses and create life-changing experiences for them.

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