Nishtasha Digital Media – BS Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2019

Do you own new business? A startup or a well-established franchise? For you to establish strong brand value in the market, the most important thing you need to do is strong campaigning and reach the audience who are suitable for your brand.

We ran over this magnificent firm loaded with innovative advertising fans. Established in May 2015, NDMPL was begun by a sibling duo, Nishant A Saraogi, and Natasha Saraogi. They had an incredible begin by venturing into a first of its kind, thoughtful innovative platform, a unique online fashion directory that bridges the gap between brands and customers.

Natasha, who had a blend of marketing and finance background for 10+ years in the planning, conceptualizing and business development working crosswise over enterprises with top clients in BTL and ATL activities, was destined to capture the niche domain of influencer marketing.

These enthusiasts have been going through their wonderful adventure and are one of the top digital marketing firms. Working with every single eminent brand like Charles and Keith, Speedo, Aldo, Spykar, Lee Cooper, Brand Factory, Central, and so on, NDMPL stands ahead because of the plenty of knowledge they have in this industry. The time they spend in research and brainstorming to do the excellent branding for their clients is remarkable. It is found in their work and there is nothing to simply gloat about except to watch what they are actually doing. Their work speaks it out loud. Their partnership with experienced individuals from Fashion, Public Relations, and Technology, join their prosperity by giving their 100% efforts in each venture that the organization embraces.

Being a part of the era of digital marketing where every business and every brand wants to go on the web and give their hands a shot at promoting and branding, NDMPL has an extraordinary clientele and helps each brand with the excellent services they provide. Giving their wholehearted time to provide quality solutions for each brand, they give complete dedication from creating and executing the campaigns and making them successful. It is indeed a pleasure to possess such huge and elite clientele and NDMPL is managing it pretty well.

At the point when the word digital marketing turned into a buzz, it was constrained to website creation, SEO and SCM. Exploring the digital marketing world, NDMPL has gone far beyond traditional digital marketing. They feel this is a bit boring for their group of spectators and they would prefer not to confine themselves to this. They are setting off to that additional mile to achieve an alternate dimension of marketing scenario which includes video production, making short films, video clips for brands across various channels and creative content creation. This is something which makes them unique, a sort of work that pleases their sort of crowd and furthermore the crew of NDMPL.

Their innovative aptitude reflects in their services as they are not confined regarding the sort of services they provide. They are a group that is constantly prepared to have a go at everything conceivable with regards to the branding of their clients.

Their Social Media Management incorporates promotion on almost all the social media platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube. They offer successful Website design, creation and application development for brands, which help the brands present themselves to the world in a commendable manner. Their Digital Campaigns are one of a kind in which the group of creative enthusiasts organizes campaigns. They do complete market research and identify the target audience, brainstorm for creative ideas to host and manage campaigns, and finally launch the campaign and manage it throughout.

Their unique way of reaching the targeted audience utilizing the Influencer and Celebrity affiliations is additionally a magnificent advance. They associate with the best bloggers as per different organizations and brands and complete the fundamental influencer advertising. They help you get associated with the celebrity biggies to support and endorse your brand by analyzing the purpose of the business.

NDMPL is full of dedicated and energetic people who are taking the firm to the next level by incorporating all the modern and innovative ways of marketing. These bunch of people who have the zeal to grow extraordinarily, please their clientele by attracting more traction to their brands, hence, their work is helping their firm grow immensely day by day.

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