Rupee Catalyst – BS Fastest Growing Companies to Watch in 2019

Financial needs are one of the most crucial parts of everyone’s life. When one has money, he is almost fearless of any problems. Whenever one is stuck in any obstacle or problem in his life, the most painful part of it is the financial adjustments. People will be willing to put in efforts and get help from others too in order to solve it. But when it is related to finance, in most cases the near and dear ones refuse to step it. This is the most common problem of generic people as they have limited access to finance.

These days we have many options and facilities to avail when such a situation arises. Only problem is that people are not aware of the sources to make avail these facilities. Rupee Catalyst is a Mumbai based Investment banking company dealing in distribution of all financial product with the objective to keep its client financially fit. They possess integrity by doing the right thing and are growth oriented for their clients. They provide the solutions and services for their clients which will be a best possible fit for them. The growth of their clients is of utmost importance for them and they want to invest their time and efforts for the same.

A manual procedure of carrying on with financial solutions have created hassle among people as there is too much to keep an eye on and too much to think over before taking any decision. Any decision gone wrong may lead to a humongous loss to the client. The financial solutions along with the technology was the only solution to all these problems. Providing the solutions to the clients in a way that their experience is smooth regarding all the transactions, was the main problem to solve. The main motive behind setting up Rupee Catalyst was to deliver smooth, hassle-free experience and transaction to the customers, and also to provide access to the financial products and optimize the distribution issues in the financial system. “Leveraging in technology such as AI & ML to bridge this gap was the only way forward,” mentions Rahul, the CEO of Rupee Catalyst.

Being an ex-banker, sport and fitness enthusiasts, Rahul is very passionate about everything he sets in his mind. He believes in result-oriented investment-philosophy. He is extremely enthusiastic and dedicated in his work and focuses on long-term value creation for the customers by raising their financial value. He has worked in IIFL, CITI Group and GE in top managerial roles, and has an expertise of over 16+ years in the field of Credit Underwriting and Risk Management along with various Financial Loan Products. He also specializes in Retail & Corporate Loans along with Investment Banking and Wealth Management.

Being an entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea and Rahul is well aware of it. One needs to be open minded and accept all the feedback they receive, whether positive or negative. One needs to be able to accept all the failures and learn from them and always keep moving ahead. Rahul, being a firsttime entrepreneur was completely acceptable and never turned back. The company had their own share of experiences in the initial times. They also went through their sunny and rainy days with the GST and RERA act coming into picture.

A main area of investigation is that most companies are selling only one particular financial product, destroying the opportunity to sell more products to the customers. To solve this, Rupee Catalyst had partnered with more than 300+ wealth partners in Mumbai, who regularly use their platform for loans, mutual funds, insurance, and fixed deposits among other valueadded services. Through this integrity and transparency is built in the entire financial ecosystem. As of today, the company has evolved and grown immensely and it holds its prestigious position by providing distributed loans, offering investments, mutual funds, life-insurance, advisory services and more to its clients. This is possible with the help of technology and the way they merged the financial services and the technological advancements. 90% of the Rupee Catalyst’s work is automated and ensures smooth operation of all the processes. With the help of technology and an innovative team of 16+ members with an innovative mind and always ready to put in efforts to deliver brilliant results, the company is reaching heights.

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