Chevon Agrotech Private Limited – 10 Most Trusted Brands of the Year 2019

The food industry is one of the growing industries and these days there are numerous companies involved in it, with the processed or frozen or packaged food industry being on a higher scale because of the comfort of its usage. Packaged food is becoming so acceptable as it slows down the process of decomposition and keeps the food intact and fresh. In this era of the digital and corporate world where no one has enough time in hand, packaged food has become the most accessible and healthy option.

There are fruits, vegetables that are sold packaged and even meat, the rarest being the goat meat. Chevon Agrotech Private Limited are the pioneers as India’s most renowned Goat-Meat brand. They are ISO 22000 certified company has more than 50 different products under two prime brands namely KUZO which targets the mass population, apart from its signature brand Chevon which is more of a premium product. Their products are conveniently made available in over 2000 stores across the country and few markets globally.

Establishing such a huge business of goat-meat export which is one of the rarest and expensive ones, Rizwan Thakur (Founder & CEO, Chevon) an ex-delegate of the internet and media world had rooted to follow his passion towards farming and agro-based sectors and found solace in India’s most expensive export – Goat meat. Realizing the dearth of a branded goat-meat establishment in the country and pondering over lucrative prospects of the business, in 2015 his dream turned reality in the form of Chevon incepted as a conduit to curb the lapse between farm-level marketing and urban tenders. Citing it as the first-ever goat meat brand in India, Chevon’s ultimate mission is to present in domestic and international markets the best quality, ready-to-cook packaged goat meat with an assurance of its newly assumed super-food status. Moreover, this ISO 22000 certified company thrives success through the breeding and processing of the Osmanabadi breed of goats that is known for its nutritious benefits under an extremely healthy environment strictly following only natural domestication process for pure outcomes.

As per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Goat meat is one of the healthiest when compared to other meats. Being the only Certified Goat-Meat FMCG Brand, Chevon feels proud to see a great demand for their products considering the quality and the assurance of genuine goat meat being provided to consumers with convenient packaging options. The modern Retail sector’s objective of creating a fun shopping experience for food has led to new products being discovered and consumed by consumers. E-retail has further added to the consumers’ convenience immensely, leading to exciting growth in the segment and helping food companies like Chevon grow in the market. Currently Chevon services more than 2000 retail outlets across the country including Modern Trades & General Trades. Being one of the leading providers for goat-meat being sold in the specific meat section, they also strategically place their products in chicken outlets understanding the convenience of the customers with chicken and goat meat being made available at the same place, hence, they are trying to turn the tables around. Adding to this, they have also introduced their pilot Quick Service Restaurant, by the name ‘Rombay’, wherein they are making their products available for consumers who usually want to come out for food with friends or families.

When it comes to hygiene, Chevon maintains this by using triple packaging technique which includes frozen and vacuum packaging and they also follow their signature process to ensure the quality of their products. Being the only Certified Goat-Meat FMCG Brand, they feel proud to say that consumers have started demanding their products considering the quality and the assurance of genuine goat meat being provided to them with convenient packaging options.

Chevon Agrotech offers two brands under its umbrella. Brand ‘Chevon’ is the signature line of products with world cuisine Ready-To-Cook products and also the Raw Meat. Brand ‘KUZO’ is soul food of India and value for money product range and hence targeted at mass non-veg eating population in all modern trade & general trade outlets who have freezers deployed. Apart from retail stores, they also have some of the Food Service/HORECA leaders as their partners who have seen their consumers coming back with the demand for the same quality of meat.

With the change in our lifestyle, work environment, and food habits, we are seeing growth at spike rate, pushing the acceptance and demand for frozen foods. The previous generation faced difficulty in accepting this food category as they have misconceptions about the freshness and health factors. But, now with increasing awareness and western lifestyle, the newer generation understands its benefits which go beyond convenience. Growing at a 15 to 20 percent monthly revenue spike in India, the company aspires to build itself as a global brand with a keen focus on markets that majorly house the Indian diasporas, like, UAE, Thailand, South East Asia, and the Middle East markets.

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