Radma Research and Consulting – Top 10 Enterprise Service Provider Companies 2019

Qualitative Research is imperative for organizations and makes it easier for the management to make informed decisions. Radma Research is a premium qualitative research organisation, baes out of Pune, Maharashtra, that provides organisations with highly qualitative and insightful research output. Their research outcomes help customers take strategic and informed decisions.

Radma is a preferred qualitative research organisation and is known for its Business end-user research (consumers in the workplace), Consumer research (for clients with a B2C dimension to their business), and Global Research carried out globally covering APAC, EMEA, and Americas. The company has solid values and work ethics. Everyone working with Radma, integrity is fundamental besides a passion for client-focus achieved through building and maintaining long-term relationships. A commitment to the highest standards of methodological rigor and a culture of success and pride through a supportive and rewarding work environment are few other pillars on which Radma stands with commitment and conviction. It offers a cohesive working environment where there is equal opportunity for all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, national origins, and personal creed.


Radma offers marketing,..P.R., and social media campaign activities to its clients by providing services that combine Market Research and Industry Expertise, so that the clients can benefit from both the worlds. Few of the service offerings from Radma include:

  • Channel Monitoring:
  • In-Depth Senior Insight study
  • Market/Index tracking program
  • Channel optimization
  • Tailored Research Engagement
  • On-Off Market Research Study

Radma provides high-touch, collaborative research experience by combining expertise, perspective, and ideas.

Research Services:

New Product development testing: Test and understand customer needs and desired and determine how many customers will pay.

Concept Testing: Evaluate consumer response to a product idea before the introduction of that product to the market

Awareness Studies: Measure whether consumers know about and are familiar with a company, organization, product, or service.

Customer Satisfaction: Understand the purchase, usage and service experience of customers

Market Segmentation: Target different categories of consumers who perceive the full value of certain products and services differently

Customer Research: Provide unique Research which is tailored and optimized for clients’ specific needs to help them stay ahead of the competition.


The company specializes in conducting in-depth qualitative surveys and gather insights that are easy to summarize, compare and generalize. Few of the USPs of the firm that separates it from others in its category are:

·      Developing a detailed understanding of the topic area

·      Purposeful sampling

·      Conducting a conversation rather than an interview session

·      Attentive listening and pick up on cues

·      Being demanding by active probing and counter questioning

·      What differentiates the company from its competitors and give competitive advantage is the process that it follows. The company promotes and enables the effective use of research methodologies, not just traditional way, but in a more qualitative and broader sense. It regularly brainstorms and validates prior assumptions to help design credible questionnaire.

·      Technology also plays a vital role in the growth and success of the organization. The company offers client portal to access the project progress on a real-time basis and 24X5 support through a live chat room. There is the facility of 100% call recordings (anonymized) and remote Barge-in facility.

Radma flaunts its prestigious clientele comprising of large Corporate & Consulting firms and has spread globally across the geographies like the U.S..U.K., Europe, and APAC. To seamlessly serve across these locations, the company operates from its offices strategically located in India, Germany, and Singapore.


Radma has a team of experienced research professionals who have in-depth knowledge of particular industry and domain. They have both the required expertise and experience to deliver a project to utmost client satisfaction. They make sure that they exceed client satisfaction and work extremely hard to meet the quality standards and deadline.


Rajiv Sharma is the CEO of Radma Research, who began his career 20 years ago which include 16 years of experience in the field of Research. He is a business partner with the Economic Times. He has in-depth knowledge in the field of Research and understand the specific requirements of his client and Customized solutions are provided to each client. His core values include integrity, innovation, and growth; he consistently works towards client development.


The Next Big Thing Radma is in the process of launching one of the largest Live Streaming Apps in India in collaboration with a Chinese company. It is one of the oldest, most popular & largest live streaming apps in China, amidst 200+ apps existing.

For more details: http://radmaresearch.com/