Unicon Logistics – 10 Most Trusted Brands of the Year 2019

In this age where spanning overseas has become so easy and people migrate to nations, there has been so much diversification. People are born in some country, raised in other, get settled elsewhere. People have businesses spanning across countries and there is an exchange of goods, etc. In such a period where globalization is at its crest, there is no limitation for merchandise to be traded with nations, in fact, it has turned out to be normal to the point that people don’t need to think for a second and they are through in making it a triumph. The concept of online shopping getting all the eyes, it has now become a necessity to send goods across countries, in which the logistics companies play a vital role.

Unicon Logistics, Mumbai, is a one-stop solution for all the logistics needs as they are an end to end logistics service providers spanning across international markets. Their services include transportation of cargo of all shapes and sizes by Air and Ocean mode including the customs clearance, first-mile, and last-mile road & rail transportation as per the need and feasibility with other services being short term and long term warehousing with inventory management supply chain services.

Being a logistics company isn’t an easy thing these days as with the increase in e-commerce and online shopping has set the customer’s expectation bar high as now, they anticipate quick and free delivery of their products. With all the rising demands and desires, building up an improved conveyance model has turned out to be not just a part but a necessity so that the customers are happy. At Unicon Logistics they believe in building long term relationships with their customers and their motto is to ‘Reduce product costs for customers through an enhanced logistics and integrated supply chain’. Unicon Logistics has made it a priority to establish and provide high-quality logistical services in the Americas, Middle East, Asia, CIS, Africa, Indian Sub-Continent through superior customer care, competitive pricing and network reach by utilizing the best in industry people, processes and systems.

Beyond the transportation of goods to places by Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Rail or Road, their team is equipped for start to finish logistical support including first mile and last mile transportation in all geographies of the world, be it either through their own offices or through their dedicated network partners in various countries. In addition, their specialized services for project logistics involve like the movement of special equipment for odd-size cargo, breakbulk, heavy lift, route survey, pre-project planning complemented by other value-added services like Customs Brokerage, in-transit insurance, stuffing, packaging, labeling, palletizing. Unicon Logistics internationally services more than 1000 customers worldwide in key global markets such as Europe, the US, Latin America, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. They cater to the logistics needs of some of the multinational companies with manufacturing facilities in India and the Middle East. The movement of raw material and other suppliers from various geographies into the plants is directly managed by them right from procurement, purchase order management, proposing the best feasible and cost-effective transport mode to efficiently deliver the goods to the respective plants in time, without having to invest in stocking them.

No business can flourish without having unique selling points and for Unicon Logistics it is their commitment to check out the best and feasible delivery model where they can reach their customers at a faster pace and help them to reduce the cost of delivery. Their biggest differentiator has been their personalized services, a dedicated one-point key contact for all our customers along with complete visibility and real-time tracking with some major strategic reports in the form of dashboards made available to them.

Unicon Logistics has shown their dedication and put all their efforts to stand by their commitments and make their work a huge success. With annual revenue of around Rs. 70 Crores, Unicon Logistics is one of the premium brands in India and strives to be growing immensely, which will occur in the forms of organic expansion and selective acquisition opportunities which fit into their overall business strategies.

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