GND Solution – BS Best Places to Work in 2019

In a fast paced world of technology and communication, efficiency and productivity is the need of the hour. IOT and M2M solutions are now applicable in a variety of sectors, from industries to the development of sustainable infrastructure. Moreover, the industry competes at the global level, which can be a challenging task for start-ups to enter the competition and make a name for themselves. This very feat has been achieved by GND Solutions, an organization that offers innovative an transformative solutions in IOT and M2M for industries, development of Smart Cities, Smart Energy systems, agriculture, and more such areas. End to end solutions are offered, from node, cloud, analytics to visualization which ensures the organization plays a competitive game in the global market.


With clear goals laid down to maneuver the organization, GND Solutions has successfully completed more than 12 large projects and developed more than 23 solutions also delivered over 40,000 sensors. Apart from offering solutions to technology giants, cold chain management and restaurant segments, the organization is extending its boundaries and is penetrating into newer segments such as data centers, airports and railways.

It has collaborated with Fortune 100 companies, leading energy savings companies in Singapore and a Silicon Valley IOT company as well.


With its objective of being the best in the industry, GND Solutions has won five prestigious awards since its inception.

  1. Best IoT partner to unlimit 2019 (A Reliance Group Company).
  2. Best Emerging IoT Solutions Provider 2019 – India.
  3. CV Magazine’s 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards.
  4. The organization has also collaborated with a Silicon Valley IOT company to win the CES Innovation Award.


GND Solutions is able to offer the highest quality services to clients, ranging from simple to complex. They pride themselves in on-time delivery and superior quality services.


GND Solutions rightfully boasts of high employee satisfaction and steady work/life balance. Values, ethics, workflow, time management and feedback are regarded by the organization as essential elements that create a positive and productive ambiance for employees to work in. Work culture is democratic, with team members having a sense of belonging to an extended family that offers positivity and support. The organization also empowers its team members by respecting and appreciating what makes them different, and has a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination. Annual goal setting, regular development plans and performance evaluation ensures that the company pays individual attention to its members and encourages knowledge development. Planning, prioritizing and organizing work at regular intervals emphasizes the importance of following the project’s objectives. Tasks are also allocated efficiently between hardware, software and firmware teams, making the company highly organized and productive. Flexibility is a key word at GND Solutions. Employees are given a free hand with regards to how they work, when they work and where they work. This level of flexibility ensures employees perform their roles voluntarily and passionately, rather than being forced to do so. Thus employees leverage their best creative output by working on their passions, on their time.


A. V. Siva Reddy, the Founder and MD of GND Solutions leads the organization, both in its technical and managerial aspects. He has more than 20 years of experience in Concept and Product Delivery in IOT and M2M solutions, and specializes in driving technology solutions, new product development, innovation, and go-to market strategies. He has also served as Technology Advisor to Silicon Valley startups. Siva’s holistic vision has allowed GND Solutions to work in leading industries and operate effectively at the global level. Having a democratic leadership style, the organization believes.

Future Ahead:

The organization plans to make a name at the global level, starting from Australia and the Middle East and also wants to offer solutions to newer industries.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” that success lies not in the quantity of projects completed, but in three key areas – customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and technology expertise. Siva believes in building trust, intelligence and discipline in his organization, where leaders are viewed more as mentors rather than managers. This is done through teamwork, regular team interactions and standup meetings that foster a sense of brotherhood.


The company focusses on the mental health of its employees and ensures each team member uses his creative potential in a stress-free environment. Impetus is given to the impact of the organization on the environment. Sustainable development, and solutions to obtain equilibrium between man and nature are stressed on, along with a focus on health and welfare of society.

Future Ahead:

The organization plans to make a name at the global level, starting from Australia and the Middle East and also wants to offer solutions to newer industries.

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