MyClassboard – BS Most Inspiring CEOs of the Year 2019

Technology has eased people’s lives in various fields and education is no exception now. Remembering the old conventional method of teaching where a teacher had to take care of numerous works apart from teaching, such as, taking attendance, maintaining correspondence with parents on regular intervals, updating them with child’s daily school activities via class diary, notifying and conducting examinations (online/offline) and then the student progress report that follows each examination.

Ajay Sakhamuri, brings MCB Smart School (f.k.a. MyClassboard), to ease these chore for schools. MCB Smart School is an all-in-one solution for educational intuitions, which is not only easy to implement but also flexible and cost-effective.

MCB’s school management software system is a web-based global application that helps in managing student and staff data educational institutions. It has found a wide industry acceptance owing to the fact that that it can be used from anywhere and at any time by various systems for multiple purposes. Catering for more than 8,00,000+ students in 1200+ schools across 120 cities, services like online admission, data storage, grade book, E-learning, attendance, schedule management, student performance tracking, accounting and reporting are highly applauded amongst several others.

It was in the year 2007 when Mr.Ajay, a final year student of graduation, took a project on ‘Campus Express- An online onboarding site for all students at Penn’. This project motivated him further to get a deeper understanding and develop software for schools. With the support of his father, Mr.Ajay worked with thorough dedication on the project. Initially, the project didn’t sustain due to the lack of revenue clarity. Meanwhile, he got placed through Campus Placements and got recruited by Deloitte. Working for 2 years as an SAP ABAP Consultant, he correlated the SAP technology to the educational stream and developed MyClassboard Educational Solutions.

The young entrepreneur while speaking about the impact of technology in an educational realm says, “It’s not about what you build, it’s about what people need.” Relating the present with the history he says, “The reminiscing history of the Indian education system has seen a gigantic transformation over the past decades. Starting with the ancient Educational system comprising the Gurukul system of education to the modern education system, the education system in India had witnessed a revolution.”

The school management software serves in Academics, where it manages students’ examinations, grades, report cards, etc. It also allows customising student examination report cards and maintaining the report card as per the board standard. With MCB, maintaining grades of an individual student, analyzing their performance is much easier.

MCB Smart School fosters effective communication between parents and teachers. The software has an inbuilt messaging system that acts as a connecting bridge and as a reminder system for sending notifications, alerts and user prompt reminders. The software can also manage the operations of fee collection and fee receipt generation, accept online fee payment and automate fee receipt entries. In addition, MCB also offers service in HR and Payroll, Library, Student Information System and so much more.

The biggest strength of the company lies in the product’s dynamicity and reliability that caters millions of users, and customer support that ensures thorough training followed with smooth client support. Mr.Ajay has and will always look forward to understanding the unique client requirements and upgrade the product based on newer developments in the industry.

The visionary entrepreneur while talking about the uniqueness of the company says, “Our strength lies in our customer-centric approach, research and development towards the latest updates and features from across the globe in the education sector, and turning them into a reality.” Concern about data security on the cloud and stability of the company was the biggest challenge faced by Ajay. “Earlier a few companies left behind a wrong impression in the market (with regard to the cloud) by not prioritizing data security. It was quite a challenge to make the world look beyond those mistakes and poor policies and gain trust initially.” The company is now racing its way into diverse levels of educational institutions by catering to the people’s need for convenience and customization.

MCB Smart School, in its 10 years, has been highly acclaimed by many and has made its mark as India’s most widely used school management software.

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