Pristine Ideas – BS Most Inspiring CEOs of the Year 2019

Creating, Ideating and Executing the Amazing

To say that the advertising industry is a challenging field is an understatement. An advertiser’s arena is constantly changing, with pressing demands from clients, and consumer trends that change in the blink of an eye. It is crucial to stand out and make a mark, a feat that can be performed only by the most dedicated and passionate experts.

Pristine Ideas is one such organization that has been able to withstand the challenges posed by the industry. With creativity as its mantra, it boasts about not being a run-of-the-mill advertising agency, but an organization with the ability to make a difference, be it in print or digital media. It is a mover in strategy, communications, and designing and proffers 360-degree solutions.

Catering to diverse clients

Pristine Ideas has played a huge role in being the backbone of several organizations. It has enabled smaller ventures to evolve into larger brands with the help of the right kind of advertising. Clients include Jagran Lakecity University, The Times of India, Delhi Public School, National Health Mission, Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Global Shapers Community Bhopal, and many more. With more than a hundred projects and over sixty-five clients, Pristine Ideas has etched its name in the advertising sector in India.

Recognition of Excellence

Pristine Ideas has not gone unnoticed. The organization has won several accolades since its inception in recognition of its talent.

Awards and accolades include:

·      Start-Up of the Year

·       20 Most Promising Advertising Agencies, 2018

·      MP Entrepreneur and Excellence Award

·      Company Spotlight – Silicon India

·       Shortlisted in Abby Goa Fest

·       Excellence in Design Merit Award – One Show Design

Delivering the best services

Pristine Ideas offers services that are on par with industry standards. These include:

·      Brand Consulting

·      Website Development

·       Radio

·       Graphic Designing

·       Content and Digital Marketing

·       Ad & TVC films

·       PR

·       Photography

·       Strategy & Planning

Communication is the key

Consisting of a talented team of professionals, Pristine Ideas has a single-minded focus – to create a perfect blend of strategy with communication using human insights. The team believes in being there for the client and offering creative solutions in every circumstance. Organizational hierarchy is like a convex lens, where proficient workforce works in the middle and helps freshers at both ends to grow and comprehend.

Under the leadership of Janak Bhatt, the team has created a culture of working together. His motto – “Let’s create together” encourages the team to think, craft, and curate together during brainstorming sessions, the organization has found value in its services. The organization’s USP is communication, which makes it stand out from the rest.

A Visionary Leader

Janak Bhatt, filmmaker and Creative Director of Pristine Ideas has a distinguished career with more than a decade of experience. He has won five awards at RX Club Show New York, and for his film Trasadi, he has won the coveted awards at Adlab Film Festival and One Show Design Merit Award. He is an industrious professional who serves as a jury member, and also conducts workshops, which have led to him winning the prestigious  “Start-Up of the Year Award”.

His primary focus at Pristine Ideas is to create sustainability in terms of new–edge and effective communication throughout India.

The major hiccups he has faced in this industry include the lack of awareness among people about effective branding and relevant concepts. Through sheer determination and skill, he has worked with new-born ventures and developed them into brands. He also looks up to Sonal Dabral, from Ogilvy, whose passion for advertising is stimulating.

Bhatt considers his persistence to be a reason for his success. He cites his project with ASA and working on millets as one that tested his capabilities. Taking up the challenge of promoting the cereal, Bhatt successfully launched an event called “Embrace the millets” and offered a platform for farmers and policymakers. The event was highly successful and fetched a PR value worth Rs. 40 lakhs.

Pristine Ideas is always open to new solutions. Trying unusual things, understanding new concepts, and figuring out different ways that work for brands is their core strategy. The spirit of taking initiative and action is always encouraged.

Future Aspirations

The organization plans to venture into new cities and industries shortly. Offering services using technologies like AR, VR and Voice Search are also part of their plans.

Focusing on customer satisfaction and offering the best solutions, Pristine Ideas is set to be the one-stop-shop for all advertising needs.

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