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Know Us

Medury Global Inspection Services India Pvt. Ltd is an organization born out of a genuine intention to provide exceptionally outstanding services with quality and integrity. The company has proved its mettle while consistently offering fully integrated professional solutions for third party inspection, quality & Environment Management, HR &Learning Consultation Services.

With upgraded infrastructure and manufacturing capacities, India has become one of the largest exporters in the world. As per a report by CATR, (Centre for Advance Trade Research), our country’s exports have set a new record in 2018-19 with an all-time high of US$ 325-330billion.

Medury Global  Inspection Services India Pvt. Ltd comes up with powerful and handy solutions for third party Cargo inspection to importers and exporters. To be more accessible to clients, it has marked its presence in almost all parts of the country.

Along with a whole range of Chartered Engineering services, such as inspection at the port of loading and valuation, the company remains true to its values by working with clients until they achieve quality goals. The company always thrives to explore the untapped opportunities and helps to learn, excel and growth to each individual through its Corporate Training Programs and HR Consultancy.

The company holds the mission of contributing to sustainable and long-term relationships with clients rather than just earning profits.

Excellent services, satisfied clients!

By adding great value with efficiency and excellence in every service, Medury Global Inspection
Services India Pvt. Ltd 
has been the most trusted and sought-after brand name for many clients across the country.

The company has stood out of the crowd with unique offerings. It provides thoughtfully customized services and solutions that are best suited to fulfill the client’s requirements.

Medury Global Inspection Services strongly believes to be transparent and honest at every step they follow and ensures to create a strong bond of trust with every client. It applies the most advanced systems for cargo inspection services, quality certifications, chartered engineering Services, and guarantees the only high-quality services to be delivered.

It also provides cutting- edge and innovative corporate solutions in leadership, Behavioral, Soft skills, and Image Consultancy.

Hands-on expertise at Medury Global  Inspection Services India Pvt. Ltd with much-needed experience helps to empower the employees of corporate houses through the state –of –the –art, corporate training plans, and image management.

Employees with sharpened skills can utilize their potential to the fullest for their company’s growth.

Passion leads to perfection..!

“It doesn’t matter if you’re not experienced yet; you have all the potential to become an extraordinary
entrepreneur as long as you believe in your powers”, Sabina Medury, Director, Medury Global Inspection Services India Pvt.Ltd has proved this right and set a wonderful example through her journey as an entrepreneur.

Now, a doting mother of two had a successful corporate career. As she wanted to give full attention to her kids who were in their growing age, she chose to have a break from her professional role. After a certain period, she decided to accomplish something more fulfilling and challenging while taking care of the family.

Sabina Medury had a glorious legacy of her father’s entrepreneurship who laid the foundation of Intertek Qeshm India Pvt. Ltd. which provides services like Export Cargo Inspection, Quality certification, and Chartered Engineering Services.

She was determined to take this legacy to the next level of achievement and growth. With a sharp focus and determination, she sharpened her skills by learning new things every day. All her efforts led her to be capable to wear the hat of a much promising entrepreneur.

Sabina expanded the services of her dad’s company and gave it a new identity by adding talent Development and Learning Consultation which included customized corporate programs and image management. The Clients of Medury Global Inspection Services India Pvt. Ltd includes both MNCs and SMEs and has serviced more than 300 companies in India and abroad and Most of them are now repeat clients.

Team with champions..!

Medury Global  Inspection Services (India) Private Limited company is proud to have a team of highly qualified process/production engineers of different manufacturing units. It also has deep expertise in having impeccable knowledge to deliver cost-effective and timely services to all clients.

Focused on a fulfilling Future ..!

Medury Global  Inspection Services India Pvt. Ltd aims to touch the sky heights of success and growth
being committed to client satisfaction. It is well prepared to become the most
preferred service provider and trusted advisor to all stakeholders.

  • To expand the company into the untapped market of the African continent for Cargo inspection.
  • To increase the team size.
  • To provide skill development programs to the corporate client’s employees.
  • To build online content for Talent Development, Training and Coaching.

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