Raise Global – BS The 10 Successful Business Women To Watch In 2019

“Climbing the ladder of success”

Running an organization is not a simple task. Right from setting appropriate targets, to following trends and managing people, it is an uphill battle. A successful firm has informed leaders who can face such hurdles. Maintaining an optimum level while keeping an eye on being the best can be tackled through efficient leadership, experience, and training.

Raise Global, an initiative by Dr. Meera Venkat Iyer is a unique organization that has developed into a Global Executive Board for C-level executives. Research-based business insight is a core service offered, that has enabled the firm to give clients a cutting edge over their competition.


For its instrumental work in leadership, ability to bring visible results and ROI, and active role in academic conferences, Dr. Meera’s efforts at Raise Global have not gone unnoticed. She has won numerous awards and accolades, such as:


• Best Entrepreneur Award, Exide, 2019

• Sandvik Asia Jury Award, 2019

• Business Excellence Award, 2016 by Future of India and CNBC

• Women of Substance – NEFD Award for Women, 2017

• Global Women of Excellence Award, 2018 – CIAC Global

• Women Economic Forum Award, 2018

• Global Leadership Award for WeLeed Trust, 2019

Customized Services

At Raise Global, services are offered specifically to C-Suite leadership, such as the CEO Forum, CFO Forum focusing on finance, CMO Leadership Forum bringing together advertisers, the media and leading CMOs, CHRO(HR practice Funtion), CPO(Procurement and Supply Chain), CIO(IT /Technology and Digital functions) and more. Advisory research and consultancy services are also offered, ensuring that the latest and most thorough understanding of leadership is provided to clients to make a positive difference. Raise Global also organizes several conferences and meets to encourage academic discussion on business management to stimulate strategic planning and thinking. With the best standard of services, the organization has ensured peer to peer learning, premium C-Suite networks, CxO engagement, and exclusive research at a pan-India level.

Dr. Meera is also a founding member of WeLeed, a trust aimed at woman empowerment. WeLeed is building a mobile platform for women to connect them globally and offer them more opportunities through networking. Its services include connecting, guiding, training and developing talent and opportunities among women, offering business solutions, peer-group problem solving, and more.

Masterful Leadership

Dr. Meera Venkat Iyer has an illustrious career. She is a visionary, thinker, strategy advisor, and C-Suite professional. She serves as the President of Raise Global and has developed an action-focused approach as the key to achieving success.

At Raise Global, she believes in attracting the best talent and clients to ensure sustainable growth. She is a pioneer and encourages her team to think outside the box to serve clients in a better way. She is also always conscious about ethics and maintains a high level of integrity in all her endeavors.

Raising the bar at each step is also intrinsic to her work ethic which is encouraged in her team. She believes change should be embraced as an adventurous journey, and the future is always met with an element of fun and surprise. This optimistic and open-minded leadership style has made Dr. Meera highly successful and well-loved.

Giving back to the Society:

At WeLeed (Women Leadership Engagement and Entrepreneurship Development Trust), she has created several opportunities for women. It is through this platform that she has been able to inspire women entrepreneurs and encourage them to join the platform and develop beneficial networks globally.

Contribution to the Academic Institutions/Forums:

Dr.Meera Venkat was the chairperson of ISTD (Indian Society of Training and Development) and also the Chairperson for IICCI(Indian Import Export Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She has been a speaker in many forums which includes CII, FKCCI, BCIC, Indian Import Export Chamber of Commerce & PHD chamber, Andra chamber of Commerce. She has been invited speaker at most of the leading academic institutions all over the country, which includes IIM,NIT ‘s, Poduchery Univeristy, Tripupati University, Tamil Nadu University and many more and delivery inspiring speeches all across India and aboard.

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