Elecnovo – BS 10 The Most Admirable Businesses in India 2020

1) Elecnovo: Gearing Up with green mobility

The whole world is witnessing severe consequences of global warming and in India, its capital city and some other major cities are converted into gas chambers with the worst air quality. Hence, switching to electric vehicles that utilize clean energy is the need of the hour and it will be in great demand in the future to come also.

However, the high cost of major parts like battery, electric motor, and electronic controller and non-availability of indigenous development create a huge challenge for the electric energy vehicle sector in India to take over the automobile industry fully. Based in Banglore, Elecnovo is providing its smartly designed, cost-efficient and high-quality electric motors and electronic controllers for the Electric Vehicles industry.

Right from its inception in the year 2018, Elecnovo has been working with sheer perseverance to develop innovative solutions with indigenously developed motors an controllers which make the electrical vehicles more efficient, reliable and affordable! Apart from this, Elecnovo is a technology-driven company with inhouse designing and development and is fully capable of delivering application-specific customized engineered solutions to give complete customer satisfaction with ease.

2) The dynamic leadership at Elecnovo

The young and dynamic, Ratul Borah (Founder & CEO) of Elecnovo has been charting a great path to make the electric dream successful in India. The visionary entrepreneur has a sheer passion and deep enthusiasm to empower the electric motor industry with meaningful innovations that will bring a real change. Ratul Borah with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering possess a global experience of several years working in Hong Kong. Ratul has a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

The electric vehicle segment is a strong consumer-driven business. So, under the profound leadership of the founder in the electric motor industry, Elecnovo is resolving the core issues of the electric vehicles market by providing unique and cost-effective motors and controllers. These innovations are consistently being proven to be extremely beneficial to the automobile industry, country, and people.

3) Comprehensive offerings by Elecnovo

Elecnovo is bringing revolution to the green mobility with its one of a kind designs, development & manufacturing of electric motors and electronic controllers for electric vehicle applications including electric bicycle, electric rickshaw, electric motorcycle, and electric light-duty passenger and goods vehicles. Undoubtedly, Elecnovo is playing a pivotal role in the clean energy vehicle revolution with its high- performing and reliable key components.

Some of the extensive services and offerings by Elecnovo

· To Design, develop and supply electric motors and electronic controllers

· To Offer highly efficient and cost-efficient key components.

· To Develop custom-engineered solutions for various application requirements.

· To Develop  motors and controllers Indigenously boosting ‘Make in India’ movement

4) The way forward:

The electric vehicles sector in India certainly has a glorious future. There is a considerably huge growth for two and three-wheeler electric vehicles and in the coming years, Elecnovo looks forward to widening its product range with innovative and customized designs which will bring complete customer satisfaction.

Elecnovo thrives on innovation and excellence which lead it to the path of success and growth. It’s Research and development wing tirelessly works to come up with unique designs for electric motor and electronic controllers with advanced technology which can be used on a large scale across the national and international markets. Elecnovo aspires to become one of the key players in the segment by selling 500,000 parts annually in the next five years.

5) The values helped to overcome challenges

The electric vehicle sector is at a primary stage in India, so Elecnovo naturally faced lots of challenges in its initial days of inception where the ecosystem for the development of motor and controller was not much supportive. Still, it has succeeded to make a breakthrough in the industry and is emerging as a leading and most trusted company in the market.

Elecnovo has sailed through all the challenges following high ethical standards and values. It follows the 5i which are imagination, intuition, intelligence, innovation, and implementation. It is now soon to become a world leader by developing world-class solutions for customers.

6) Team Elecnovo

The team at Elecnovo, is the great force behind the success and growth it has achieved so far. The team with empowered minds brainstorms constantly and put extraordinary efforts to bring innovation at every step of the process. Also, it promotes a positive and open work culture that encourages the team members to learn new things and give their best.

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