MEC Concepts – BS 10 The Most Admirable Businesses in India 2020

A new Generation Engineering Company with Futuristic Technologies

Covering complete breadth of the product development cycle from ideation to actual realization of the product, Mechanical Electronics and Computing (MEC) Concepts is a one-stop solution company for the companies looking for Product Realization solutions in varying sectors of Mechanical, IT and Electronics engineering. Incorporated in 2013 and headquartered in Bengaluru, MEC Concepts has a global presence with its three offices positioned in Germany, Singapore, and Korea. The core focus of the company is on the development of the futuristic technologies that help OEM’s to quicken product launches with state-of-the-art concepts. End-to-End product realization solutions for Automotive, FMCG, Industrial and Medical domains with specialized services are offered in Mechanical and Electronics engineering.

The rapid pace of innovation, change, volatility, and product customization calls for a paradigm shift in the approach to the product launch, starting from the early phases of conceptualization. To keep pace with competition and changing technology, products have to release at a faster pace with a variety of configurations. This calls for emphasis on iterative ideation, conceptualization and development phase. This is where MEC Concepts has carved a niche in offering a perfect platform for development of products with quick turnaround time.

“We are a perfect solution for companies looking to accelerate their product development phase. With expertise in the areas of Mechanical and Electronics engineering, we can come up with creative solutions at a faster pace to help product realization. As a technology-based company, we at MEC not only try to cover the complete breadth of a product development life-cycle but are also building futuristic products for a better engineering world,” says Sunil Kumar VR, Director.

MEC’s team can take over a new project or an existing project and rapidly influence the process, taking to the end swiftly. The professionals have more than 15 years of experience under their belt, making the staffing team work round the clock on the projects while on the other hand, in-house team takes care of customers resource demands. MEC also houses a robust bench to provide the required resources on short notice. The high success rates are achieved by the streamlined selection of the right candidate from the very beginning of the hiring process, allowing the organization in forming huge teams that work for OEMs and allied to the strategic business initiatives. Since each project requires a customized solution, MEC integrates the project teams at rapid pace with nimble practices. Their modular engineering team structure helps them to rapidly build efficient teams that can work on product design and development activities at an augmented pace. MEC’s virtual design and animation team work diligently to deliver the best product visualization for a 3D tour of the designed products.

To work towards successful product design, the product engineering team possess the expertise in areas of:

  • Conceptualization (From a pencil sketch to a working 3D animation)
  • Mechanical engineering aspects including DFMA, form, fit and function
  • Electronics engineering – embedded design, communication and control
  • Manufacturing and Testing required to push the product through different
    phases of the product release cycle.

The world is currently undergoing a massive shift from current technologies. The fourth industrial revolution with Automation, Robotics, and AI are the key ones, MEC has been able to cope with the inevitable changes with advanced and smart techniques for increased output and efficient production. Right from getting the brief, conducting surveys to know the market scenarios, MEC assures end-to-end reports on all future prospects thus making an impactful influence.

MEC has always been working on projects that have a green impact. The ten product releases in the pipeline are specifically designed for smart cities with an environmentally friendly concept. A few of them include Smart Energy Meters, Voice Command Water Filters, Wireless charging stations, Air cleaner for installation in public places and more. In partnership with premier universities like IISC, Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies and other reputed institutions, MEC plans to develop smart technology for smart products. MEC thinks out-of-the-box to create new potentials and find delights in the process.

With a unique approach to building fully functional cross-platform engineering teams, MEC’s customers have seen a great value addition in accelerating their product design cycles.

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