TurtleDove – BS 10 The Most Admirable Businesses in India 2020

Be Transformed to Transform

Incepted in April of 2015, just a couple of months before the Digital India campaign was launched, TurtleDove set out to be the part of the colossal wave that shook the industries in India. A one-stop-shop with a vision to bring forth a digital transformation in the startups as well as businesses and ensure authentic and innovative implantation of technologies to leverage the startups and businesses. They hold a rocksteady belief in innovation, for in the digital era which is dynamic in nature, it the key to achieving success. TurtleDove enacts as a technical partner and advisor, while aiding the business to transform and revolutionize the digital characteristics the firm is going to change all the while keeping an eye on the client’s needs and demands.

TurtleDove offers not only holistic digital solutions for businesses but also for all technological challenges the firm often faces in their journey towards the renovation. Since their mission is to provide clients with 360-degree solutions for all the technical needs, their one-stop destination offers a spectrum of services: Software Development, Database Management, eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development, Website Development, Online Marketing, Hybrid Cloud Deployments and Cyber Security.

The company is keen on providing affordable customized solutions along with timely implementation and delivery of the services to help the clients to gain an edge over the competition and stand out from the lot. Service delivery and time management are the core values of the company along with passion, integrity, excellence, team play. The opacity they maintain while working brings the trust of the clients which is a crucial factor to keep a startup running successfully for a long time.

With changing times comes the changing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. It then becomes quite imperative to go shoulder to shoulder with brand-new technologies. TurtleDove is presently concentrating on the adaptation of these new technologies. They are also focused on Internet of Things a.k.a. IoT and Big Data which are making new waves in the digital world so to enhance their services and make a place for themselves in their client’s success story.

The considerate solutions they develop are the result of meticulous details they have taken to craft a solution that is specifically customized to meet the client’s needs. TurtleDove realigns the balance between profit and delivery to preserve a win-win situation for everyone in the cycle. This condition is ensured through their working sequence. Firstly, the requirements are gathered then they are analyzed as to propose solutions or systems. A blueprint is made for the execution of the approved solutions or systems. Actual development commences after the blueprint is agreed upon, here various aspects of the solutions are combined into a single software. Debugging is next in the line where performance and security are tested with other factors. After the software free from bugs and anomalies, it is deployed on platforms such as on-premise, cloud or GCP. Finally, when software finds its use in the firm, TurtleDove provides all the tech support and maintenance to keep the software running.

Industries are in flux. Every organization is going through changes or renovation of the existing products. TurtleDove is no exception to this fluctuation but they stay motivated and optimistic while continuing to work in turbulent environments. They welcome change with a robust mindset and work the challenges to better themselves at every moment to keep their focus on quality and timely deployment of the services without any compromise.

As a startup they are pouring their time, heart and soul into what they love doing and dancing on their own tune so much as much they even forget to relish the joy of the ride. Presently though, they are reminding themselves to take a note of the thing we are creating and watching it grow every day. Such focus and determination define the people at TurtleDove.

The successfully executed project that they pride on is an Online Logistics and Transportation Platform. The gamut of the processes the project went through portrays the capabilities and vigor of TurtleDove to bring an idea to life. Some of the processes: Stakeholder Registration, Customer Contracts, Placing Orders by Customers to HRMS, Call Routing, Fastag for Toll. They have leveraged the project with Quality, Accuracy, and Precision.

A vast ocean of opportunities has opened due to Digital India and TurtleDove is aiming to contribute to the initiative via many avenues and bring the dream of $5 trillion economy to reality.