Personalization in Human Resource Management

One size fits all, is the adage thriving since archaic times. For the generations and eras, it had held water as people had restricted knowledge about their individual fields and so, the concept stick to anyone who had the interest to pursue. However, with changing times and tons of data being uploaded every day, the knowledge is ever-expanding and with it had the arisen the need to tailor numerous aspects of an individual’s life as opposed to one die-casted size would fit all.

As the old is bound to be replaced by new, Personalization is gaining traction in Human Resource Management. Personalization is often tangled up with customization, though there is the similarity between the two shares mostly, Personalization would come as the information possessed by the company modifying the experiences to suit an individual. Here, the company takes care of crafting the experiences for the employee based on the information.

Keeping an eye on the most basic needs of a human being; security, certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth, contribution, etc. the Personalization takes into account these needs and puts other requirements in the equation to create a perfect scenario where grounds can be held.

The best and typical use of Personalization can be found in the recruitment process. A studio which in the niche of photography but does more of wedding shoots can personalize their recruitment by sending ads through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to reach the potential candidate showing similar interest in wedding photography. Once all the latent candidates’ response to the ad, the studio can further personalize their needs to see which one fits the case and is the best, effectively reducing the time required for hiring and in turn, hiring an applicant who already has mastered the necessary skills to get the job done, saving further time and investment to train the candidate. The time which can land other contracts.

Another such area is Compensations and Benefits. Young men and women eyes compensations and benefits in slightly different ways so do the working parents and those who are about to rest their career forever and enjoy life. The trends are always different for every age group. For instance, if a company offers retirement-related options to young employees, they are likely to choose to invest the money and get more returns rather than keeping it safe for the retirement age. On the other hand, working parents find it more appealing to have education, loans, health schemes. The company offering these choices to the employees earn better results and trust from their workforce.

Mentoring and development of employees to advance and accelerate their knowledge to keep pace with changing technology have become prevalent in the decade. The education sector is still under the impression of one for all. In the long run, this does not yield results that are expected. With growing years, every individual’s taste changes. They might wish to learn something completely different from what they are doing. The company can take advantage of this desire to getting its employees going to achieve what they want. The programs can be personalized to serve the individual on interest, making their experience pleasant. Organizations offering personalized learning programs tend to keep their employee retention scores quite higher than those employing one size for all programs.

Recognition is what all strive for. Bigger the organization, bigger the team would be, masking the presence of most members. Shout-outs or kudos can lead to the betterment of the members should all them receive the share of the pie. Personalized messages here can enhance the morale of the employees to believe in the core values shared by the organization and thus building a bridge to confidence. When an employee is appreciated for the specific done by them, they will be more productive and creative. Something more than ‘He/she is good’, in feedback would produce a better impact. This, in turn, can influence employees to pour in all their efforts because there is transparency, knowing that they are looked after and care is taken to see that they are happy and fulfilled.

It boils down to how a firm is implementing personalization to keep their employee motivated and excited for the coming projects since all employees are driven by different goals, beliefs, and aspirations. An organization keeping faith with these values is sure to attract great talents.