Sharp and Score HR Consulting Pvt Ltd – BS List of 10 Best HR Solution Providers 2020

Delivering Seamless and Consistent Services

The technological world is volatile in nature. This dynamic nature always keeps companies on their toes, changing the ways of working continuously. The changes force the way companies to develop the products and impact how they sell it and the delivery of the products and services. Though, technology should simply uncomplicate things and give ample time to focus on other things. To uphold the changes and address them judicially, Sharp and Score’s products and solutions help various organizations and businesses to meet the requirements of Human Resource sectors.

They are proficient professionals from Banking, Insurance, NBFC, FMCG, and IT industries with an aim to provide the best HR Solutions and HR Service of global standards. Sharp and Score’s goal is to implement world-class HR practices and Innovative technologies to help organizations to achieve their targets through excellent HR Services and HR Solutions and to gain recognition worldwide as an impactful, innovative and efficient HR Consulting partner.

Sharp and Score is the company offering hand-crafted solutions in the HR industry. It was incorporated in 2013 and after the initial phase of 3 to 4 years of struggles and challenges, Shape and Score has been gaining steady momentum in the market and establishing itself a prime company in the HR industry. Economical changes, technological changes, getting and retaining top talents were some of the challenges they went through. Currently, they have an association with more than 250 clients nationally as well as internationally ranging well over 1.5 lakhs of employees. They are in all spectrums of industries like BFSI, Engineering, Manufacturing, IT etc.

The services they supply are flexible, latest and customer friendly. They have a thoroughly experienced team that focuses on the quality of service delivered. The services and solutions they offer are:

HR Technology Solutions:

  • HRMS Application - SCORE HCM - A Complete HR Suite with 20+ Modules
  • HR Software - Employee Management - Attendance & Leave Management
  • PMS Software – Performance Management System
  • Recruitment & On-Boarding Management System
  • Payroll Software – Payroll Management System
  • Attendance & Leave Management with GPS Tracking – Geo Coding – Geo-Fencing

HR Services:

  • HR Consulting Services – Discussion and Finalization of HR Policies, Compensation Structures, Procedures, Forms and Letters
  • HRMS as a Services - Managing and Maintaining HRMS as a Services
  • HR as a Service – Outsourcing of HR Operations
  • HR Compliance – Managing HR Compliance

The introduction of the latest technologies like AI, ML, Automation, new trends in HR Dashboard and Analytics are being incorporated to improve and upgrade the services and solutions Sharp and Score is providing.

The following are some of the most innovative products Sharp and Score is currently working on to offer domestically and overseas.

  • Ozone HR – An end to end HR Technology Solution for Start-Ups
  • Infra admin management system – score infra admin
  • Score Learning Management System – LMS Score eLearning
  • Score Survey Management System – Score survey

Mr. Venugopal I – founder of Sharp and Score is seasoned HR spearhead in the industry. With over two and half decades of experience under his hat, he has impressive track records in Indian Corporations and MNCs. Sharp & Score HR Consulting – Working as Managing Director, L&T Financial Services – Head Employee Relation, Dhanlaxmi Bank – Sr. Vice President – HR, Reliance Capital – AVP – HR. He had performed and successfully brought improvements in the HR industry. HR Technology innovation, talent development, process improvements across Banking, NBFC, FMCG, Engineering and HR Consulting industries. Mr. Venugopal I has worked extensively in digital HR initiatives and HR transformation during the course of his career. He has played many important roles in large companies like Director – HR, Senior Vice President – HR, Head HR, Head – HR Shared Services, Head – Employee Relation, AVP- HR, Chief Manager – HR.

Sharp and Score is presently expanding their services and garner a customer base of at least 1000 strong. The plan is spread across five years to climb the next step. Every two years, the company plans to focus on growth through continuous improvements and upgrades in Products, potential market reach, and customer services. ‘Satisfied Customers Generate New Customer!’, with this maxim the company is growing. The goal set by Sharp and Score is collectively being pursued by domestic and international business partners, domain partners, legal partners, and technology partners to make Sharp and Score a recognized and respected HR service provider around the globe.

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