An app for 3D snaps

Now, change your 2D photos into 3D. This new app called LucidPix does the job of converting your photos into 3D masterpieces.

LucidPix is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based app that does not rely on cameras alone to render 3D photos. As you move to capture the photo, tilting and panning are incorporated in the photo. Moreover, the app is compatible with older phones including both Android and iPhone.

The app allows you to capture fresh photos in 3D with your phone’s regular camera as well as it enables you to convert your existing 2D photos into 3D. The app has an in-built social community for the photos to upload or Facebook’s built-in support for displaying 3D images. This feature allows users to upload images just like they do with 2D images on social platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

LucidPix has various customization options to optimize your 3D photos to your personal taste. At the moment, the app seems like a popular option to capture 3D images and customize them as well.

LucidPix works its magic just like the human brain is capable of comprehending depth.

The app will be available for both users, Android and iPhone, in the late quarter this year with the watermark embedded in images for users with a free subscription. The user can remove the watermark by opting for the ‘Pro Version’, where the uses are unlimited.

You can sign up for early access on the LucidPix website.