ASIM Navigation – BS 10 Next Generation Companies to Watch 2020

Indian Pioneer In Communications and Navigation

ASIM Navigation India Pvt Ltd (formerly known as ASIM Industries) is one of those powerhouses that not many people know of. While it started out and continues to be a leading distributor of communications and navigations equipment, it’s foray into services and consulting in the recent years have now taken it to new heights and made it a much more capable and noteworthy company. The ASIM team currently provides products, services and consulting for advanced technologies that include:

  • Two-way communication
  • GPS
  • DGPS
  • UAVs (Drones)
  • Trap Cameras
  • Survey Instruments
  • Wireless broadband equipment
  • Fleet management solutions
  • Remote data collection systems
  • Ruggedized data collection hardware for field application

What makes ASIM stand out is the work that they have conducted for various departments of the Indian government where they have used the latest Drone technology for conducting aerial surveys and translated the data in to 3D models for mapping of remote areas, identification and classification of agricultural data, cadastral data, etc.

The company’s vision is making communications more accessible and reliable to it’s customers. With this in mind, the company has taken a step further with the ‘Make In India’ movement by manufacturing 2-way Communications Radios within India. The products will be sold under the brand name of BrutForce and are designed to be usable off the shelf as they do not require any radio licenses to be procured. This has been made possible by the use of a frequency range that has been specially allocated by the Indian Ministry of Communications for all Indian citizens.

While such radios have been available in the past, they have usually been expensive. ASIM aims to make such radios more affordable, reliable, and well suited for the Indian environment. The radios are expected to be useful to the outdoor enthusiast as well as for professional uses in security companies, event management, commercial buildings, resorts & hotels, etc.

The Journey So Far

ASIM Industries was formed in 1998 as a rubber parts manufacturer for the Automobile industry. The founder, Mr.Sumit Katyal established the company after he realized that he wanted to contribute to India in a more active manner after having worked in a French MNC. Even though the French company offered him an international posting in France, Sumit’s inclination was always towards India. With this in mind, he formed ASIM industries and later evolved it to ASIM India while diversifying in to the arena of GPS solutions.

Over a journey spanning 20 years, ASIM India has grown in to one of India’s strongest players that provides advanced products and services to the Indian Government, the Defense sector, as well as Private Enterprises. It is now the foremost supplier of Garmin™ devices in India.

In the words of Mr. Sumit – “Ever since the days I started my company, my focus has always been on a few simple things – on making advanced technology more accessible to Indian enterprises as well as Indian individuals, and doing so in the most ethical business manner. When we started 20 years ago, GPS devices were highly restricted yet sought-after items. This is where ethics became important and helped me to always be fair with all the OEMs and suppliers for whom I have taken the responsibility to be the part of their organizations. Also, advanced technologies and devices are usually imported in to our country, due to which the after-sales services can often be sub-par. At ASIM, we have always focused on overcoming this weak link by ensuring the highest levels of service that we can offer. Our Make-In-India endeavor is another step in this same direction – when we make in India, we develop the capability here and can provide even better support to our customers. Our values will ensure that we provide the best warranty and after-sales services to our esteemed customers,” says Mr. Sumit.

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