Cover Story, Gaurang Lotia, Founder( Zero Creation )

Redefining the services with profound positioning of Zero

Branding, just like Zero is a never-ending loop. You begin with an idea, draw the initial blueprint of the process then work on its full development taking innumerable inputs, trial and experiments come next in line, finally, the proper execution of the idea. Minutes tick away giving rise to new days and by this time, a whole brand-new idea, the one that didn’t cross anyone’s mind, takes shape. This is the way Zero Creation function while approaching the product idea. At Zero Creations, the desire to offer something out-of-the-box never ceases. The constant tweaking and twisting of ideas are daily mechanics at Zero Creation. The trends are meant to change over time or if today’s world is taken into consideration, overnight would not sound far-fetched and just like the dynamic marketing scenario; their team is adaptive to trends and trending. Zero signifies creativity while just like Zero, the positioning of it would make or break the game for good. Zero Creation possesses a lenient understanding of what makes and what breaks any brand or business. It is their prior reason why they believe in customizing strategy according to the niche of the business, the market’s current trends and clients’ preferences and expectations.

Being an Ad Agency, Zero Creation analyses the product client is interested in marketing. Getting a full grasp on the product, the team then jumps to design a unique way of marketing campaigns and Ads, which is highly likely to attract the eye of the potential customer, in turn providing the client an immense satisfaction as their product bags the recognition the client expects. Appreciating the goodwill of the Brand, Zero Creation offers Graphic Designing, Web Designing to Corporate Video Shoots, Digital Ads to SEO and Social Media Marketing, Exhibitions of Corporate Events.

Graphics designing as Zero Creation belief is like poetry. Beautiful and intriguing as it unfolds. To sum it up, Pretty-Logical-Original. They do the graphics designing for brochure, print and outdoor, also they design tailored logos for the brands since the logo is the forerunner for any business and having it remembered by the customers makes the company stand out from others in an instant. After the logo comes brochures. The crucial moment when information about a company is being perceived by the customer, cannot be stressed elsewise how the impact of that information should be and getting the deal to seal at that moment. Zero Creation assures that everything is in accordance with the ethics of the business and leave that unforgetting impact.

In a technology-driven world, any business or company is thoroughly at a loss if they don’t hold a website offering every aspect of services or products they have in their inventory. All these boils down to possessing a mesmerizing website with the aesthetics of top-notch developers. Zero Creation is just the developers you can be looking for. They craft such sites which make a user think twice before leaving the site. What is good of having a website if a potential customer does not linger and explore more? This all is developed by Zero Creation while sticking to the brand basics and not compromising on the identity.

Marketing is the bread and butter earner of any business. More and more user spends hours after hours searching specific things they wish to have so much as much their waking hours are available on social media which makes it a viable tool to use to further your products and services and garner more attention to raise profits. Be it product advertisement, sales or listening to grievances, digital media proves to be the perfect platform. Dynamic- Customer-centric – Ethical is what Zero Creation crafts their ads for YouTube to Facebook, Twitter to WhatsApp and other many good social media platforms.

Lastly but surely the best of the ways, exhibition. Many a time, it comes as if more efforts need to be poured to get that business done. This is where Zero Creation comes to elevate the exhibition. From design to structures, standees to displays, ever inch of the ground is covered by them, professionally. Eye-catching and lasting. They work it down in industries: Automobiles, FMCG, Chemicals, Doors and furniture, Hardware, Hospitality, Real estate, Solar and Consumer Durable. Some giants they have a history with Bodal Chemicals Ltd., Samsara Buildtech, Apollo, Godrej, Evercon Developers, Sumangal Group, Kaizon Hardware are some to name.

Zero Creation didn’t find light for a long time as Gaurang Lotia, the founder was serving in ITC Ltd. But, the seed of his dream was implemented while he was educating himself in MBA with marketing as specialization from Ahmedabad. Gaurang endowed his efforts in Channel Marketing Management in ITC Ltd. and at Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., later, his role was to serve in ‘Integrated Marketing Communications.’

“I have learned a lot and can say my job experience provided me a rich exposure to deal with internal and external environment for any business,” says the founder, Gaurang Lotia. His confidence sky-rocketed when he made brand identities for a plethora of small and medium-sized companies.

Gaurang credits his passion as the founding stone for his company and nonetheless, wishes to hold onto it till his last breath, something of admiration that only a few humans could aspire to. Though, the idea of ‘something missing’ was there. The root cause behind the creation of Zero Creation was the sense of freedom. “Do I have to live my whole life simply doing and changing job and satisfy my passion hunger with the raise shift of pay?” asked Gaurang to himself. The answer was Zero Creation, taking him on the right road. The dream of founding an agency of his nurtured his soul beyond just passion. ‘Hu Chhu Ahmedabad’, a prestigious marketing campaign boosted the confidence as well as brought a massive success towards Gaurang.

“The Challenge is ‘a chance of creating an opportunity.’ This approach for dealing with the challenges as CEO or Founder helps immensely specifically when they begin something from scratch.” says the founder. Gaurang claims every day is new learning for him or simply it is an observation of the energy that he emits, motivates the team, making sure their freedom is a priority without any compromise in quality of work. He has high regard for Mr. Piyush Pandey and follows him keeping the guidelines in his mind when it comes to learning sessions in the field.

“Hierarchy all stands how you delegate the resources with ‘Authority, Responsibility and Accountability.’ Being determined for the ‘sense of freedom’ in the Marketing and Advertising Field, I have passed this legacy to my team too,” he adds. The informal culture Gaurang has adapted empowers the company employees as the perfectionist for ‘Innovation-Fit.’ The employees are free to work their talents without any restrictions, giving them a complete sense of freedom that only a few companies offer, making Zero Creation one of its kind agencies. He credits the team as the biggest strength behind the driving of the business as the trust of clients is thoroughly dependable on the quality of the work delivered. This provides an edge to come up with innovation and ideas of each which in turn contributes to the strength of the agency.

As the market is most volatile, Zero Creation’s vision and culture tweaks accordingly to meet the expectations of the clients. They then question, ‘What our clients want from us.’ Instead of looking at competition, they retain the clients and bring in new clients.

“My goal is to remain steady with the commitment driven enthusiasm and for a better future: to follow up expansion plan,” Gaurang says. Zero Creation is now aiming to be the best for two years and making the changes on the go as fresh minds develop fresh ideas and then, become a Trend-setter. “‘We know what we are,’ ‘We are ready to adapt learnings’ ‘We know what we have and how to deal the resources with it’, we will move ahead for high goals,” adds Gaurang.