Facebook is fighting false claims about coronavirus

The world is under the grip of panic as Coronavirus is spreading across the regions and the death toll is climbing. More people are getting infected by the virus. Measures are being taken to curb the widespread of the virus. Various nations are coming forward with strategies to limit the spread. In such an hour, it is important that people do not fall prey to misinformation and harmful content.

The wild panic will do more harm than good and precisely for that matter, Facebook is working to limit the spread of misinformation and harmful content about the virus. On the contrary, Facebook is also working towards providing helpful information about the coronavirus. Facebook’s head of health, Kang-Xing Jin posted on social media that the third party is checking the facts and reviewing the content to debunk the false claims related to the virus.

Conspiracy theories are also spreading which are claiming to discourage proper treatment and taking appropriate precautions. Jin said that the company is busy in eliminating the false claims and such theories, and coordination with health organizations to provide accurate information about the virus to the users. People are able to get relevant information and up-to-data stats on Facebook’s Newsfeed.