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Redeeming Natural Beauty with Ayurveda

With a raise in beauty standards, the world has turned to chemicals for better results, only to discover the disaster effects it produces. Now, a change has occurred. Sticking to the beauty standards, the world now prefers a natural solution to address various problems that come along the way. Aging results in numerous problems like sagged skin or wrinkles or fading hair. A natural solution to these problems which is safe and free from toxic chemicals is booming in the market. The industry of natural care would become a big industry in the coming years as more and more people are leaning towards natural cosmetics.

Hundreds of Thousands of herbs are being employed since ancient time to address health problems. With the latest technologies and development in science, Herbage Herbal have integrated successfully the pros of Ayurveda knowledge with modern methods and crafted beauty products which are thoroughly natural. With a mission to translate the rich culture of Indian heritage into world-class beauty products, Herbage Herbal was incorporated in 2003 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The company’s prime motto is, ‘Committed to producing quality Herbal/ Ayurvedic formulations.’ They are giving high-quality products with an affordable price range and prompt services all over the globe as they are using all means necessary to blend perfect products to offer.

Herbage Herbal’s vision is, ‘The natural medicines in an ultra-modern form to serve the ailing humanity with outstanding results that too without exposing other systems of the body towards unwanted effects.’ Pioneering in Ayurvedic products and realizing the benefits of it to mankind, they have formulated their rationale. This has resulted in opening a wide market along with their promoting and marketing strategies to leverage the demand for their products.

“We never compromised even an ingredient/raw material which is mostly procured from the international market,” says Dibya Ranjan Dash – President and CEO of Herbage Herbal. He has done his post-graduation in Physics. Prior to entering the entrepreneurship in 2004, he was in the teaching sector. He is also qualified in cosmetics technology, preparation and marketing. “I continuously educate myself to ensure that we stay as the most helpful and innovative company available,” explains Dibya.

“We try to stay aware of the latest happening in the raw material & herbal extraction industry by attending international seminars and meetings conducted by scientists who are dealing with these products. By doing this, we involve ourselves in the continuous process of innovation and up-gradation, which helps us to stay abreast in the industry,” he further adds.

Ease of doing business was comparatively tough during 2003, hence, Herbage Herbal faced difficult times in establishing themselves what they are today. In Odisha, it was even a bigger challenge to flourish because of a lack of work culture, poor banking systems, availability of raw material. All of these proved to be hurdles in the way. Also, the non-professional market and gloomy response from investors added more difficulties they are facing.

Despite all challenges, the company is focusing on new products like Lip spa, foot spa, eye care kits are some of the new products that would hit the market in the near future.

Herbage Herbal’s strength lies in the technique and know how which is cost-effective as well as delivering the best product. Their business culture is to be true to the foundation they have set, ethical, committed to the brand identity there are developing. Their marketing strategy relies on adding values by keeping profit margin less also not investing too much in media promotions. Doing this, they could focus more on the products which are not only free from toxic chemicals but also incorporate nourishing ingredients like almond oil, avocado oil, wheat germ oil, and grape seed oil. It also uses herbal extract mix which is used for Ayurvedic medicines and helps in preventing various skin problems.

Herbage Herbal leverages vendor collaboration Godrej, Galaxy Surfactant and others for raw material supply and it has its devoted manufacturing unit & quality control lab. Keeping affordability & availability factors in mind, the company keeps its products on e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Over the course of 15 years, they have kept customers satisfied and are now looking to make a place for themselves in the top 3 manufacturing companies in India in the coming two years. With a maxim, ‘Customer is the King,’ they are paving their way.

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  • A great industry with wonderful herbal cosmotics products.Products are carefully formulated to take care the hygene of common men at affordable price. Industry is not only business oriented but seems to serve a social cause simontaneously. With increase of social awareness towards hazards of chemica cosmotics, the industry will fantastically boost to an un-immasinable height.