OutSmart Services Pvt. Ltd – BS 10 Most Valuable Brands to Watch 2020

Grow your business without growing your team

Outsourcing is one of the fast-growing trends in a variety of industries. The outsourcing enables the companies to focus their efforts on their business growth and invest the important resources to build the identity of the brand.

OutSmart is a multi-service outsourcing company that offers the clients the convenience of a single vendor to execute all the client’s business tasks. OutSmart’s sole purpose is to provide the joy of getting good work down on time to the customers. It offers integrated services in the niches of Marketing, IT, Human Resource, and Business Services.


OutSmart was incorporated in the year 2014 in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Lalitha Ravi – Founder of OutSmart realized the potential of outsourcing as a function for growth-stage business and the value that such a service could offer a business in helping them grow. As Lalitha was one of the pioneers in building outsourcing models for Small and Medium Enterprises in India, she saw an opportunity and founded OutSmart.

“Outsmart was born out of a need from the market, looking for a professional, one-stop outsource service provider. If you look around the market, you will not find another company like ours, offering the kind of services that we do. This places us in a very unique position, a pioneer maybe, for the future is the outsourcing way!” asserts Lalitha.

Today’s competitive market needs new-age business solutions to run businesses. OutSmart proffers competent, innovative, and relevant solutions that enable the entrepreneurs to run their businesses in a smart way. It is a single vendor and hence, the company manages all the tasks obsoleting the need to rely on multiple agencies to get the work done. Not only does the firm manages the tasks but they also offer cost-effective services. The clients only pay for the services they employ which is the biggest advantage of outsourcing.

The company is customer-centric and understands the needs of the customers even better than the clients given their expertise in the niche. That is how OutSmart work out the innovative and tailored solutions for the clients.

Holistic Offerings

As a multiservice outsourcing company, OutSmart offers services in the areas of Marketing, HR & Technology.  Its prime focus has always been to provide Small and Medium Enterprises the same outsourcing value that large corporations have access to. Presently the company is working on making its market offering easy for adoption by clients.

Forthcoming Services

The company will be rolling out ready-to-use marketing frameworks for entrepreneurs who do not have mature marketing teams.

Business health scan is another service for high growth companies, to help them understand areas of strength and improvement. This allows them to allocate resources and efforts accordingly.

Enthralling Leadership

Lalitha Ravi is an outsourcing expert with over two decades of professional experience in the marketing and business growth sector. In her earlier assignments, she has managed various functions such as marketing, operations, sales, and P and L responsibilities. This gives her a sound understanding of various facets of a business, and she connects the dots before creating solutions for the customer.

“Outsourcing for SMEs was still a new thing when we started out. So, educating SMEs on how they can leverage outsourcing for their business growth was a crucial part. Positioning our brand to communicate this message took a while. Our solutions are customized to meet client requirements. So, the scale was and is a continuing challenge in spite of our boutique position,” says Lalitha about the challenges she had to overcome in the course of her journey.

Through the path of discovery, perseverance, and sincerity, she has led the company. “We have had to constantly experiment, innovate, and be sincere in what we offered to customers. So, we obviously have taken a different form than when we started, though our core philosophy remains the same which is to give customers the joy of outsourcing,” she emphasizes.

Future Outlook

OutSmart has always believed that the ‘gig economy’ is the way forward long before it became a trend. The company has shaped its business model accordingly. Presently, the firm is strengthening its outsourcing services for B2B businesses and working on offerings to refine it so that the offerings could match the requirements from the different clients.

For More Details: http://www.outsmart.co.in/


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