Prospera Transpora – BS The 10 Most Admirable Businesses in India 2020

60 years of Transportation Excellence

Stellar Journey

Prospera Transpora was incorporated in 2016 as a supplement to Sati Groups of Industries – an organization in the logistics industry of India with a pedigree of more than 60 years. An end-to-end servicing conglomerate and one of the forerunners in the logistic service provider, Prospera introduced temperature-controlled transportation to its diverse and strong fleet of vehicles. Through market research and understanding the vacuum in the market for temperature-controlled transportation, they broke all barriers of transportation needs and Prospera began transporting critical and perishable goods PAN India.

Devising a unique infrastructure and the systems accentuating reverse logistic vehicle optimization, Prospera developed innovative transportation solutions that provided full truck-load as well as part truck-load to the clients via Smart Route Planning system. With the help of its associates, Prospera Transpora now delivers customized made-to-measure cold-chain transportation to meet the customer’s cold-chain logistics needs. Prospera equipped a strong fleet of long-haul and short-haul refrigerated trucks built with integrated temperature control from +18 to -25 Degrees to meet all customers’ needs. Adding an extra coat of prowess is its unique mutually-beneficial model wherein it unifies fleet diversity with a customized approach to evaluate customers’ current supply chain model for rendering versatile mobility solutions.

The Associate Company began its journey in 1957 in Mangalore with a single tank truck for transporting petroleum products and chemicals from Mangalore. The firm and its associates presently boast a fleet of over 100 vehicles with branch offices at Bangalore and Chennai since 1977 and the Head office is at Mangalore.

Wellbeing of Wheels

Prospera’s fleet is always kept in pristine condition with stringent safety standards through timely service and maintenance. Pre-loading inspections and monthly safety checks are conducted in order to minimize the chances of breakdown or accidents.

Effective Transportation

Prospera’s drivers and conductors are trained as per Government of India norms and are specially trained in Dangerous Goods and Critical goods management. Long-haul vehicles (1000+ KM) is crewed by two drivers and one conductor to ensure the continuous running and reduces driver fatigue as they drive in shifts of 600KM per day.

Holistic Services

  • Last Mile Transportation: With a wide range of LCV’s of different Capacities to cater to different needs, Prospera is attentive to the unique needs of each client.
  • Secondary Transportation: A professional Logistics Service providing consistently reliable service in a timely and professional manner.
  • Long Haul/Primary Transportation: A range of customized cold chain transportation solutions to the customers adhering to delivery schedules and temperature controls to deliver the freshest stock.
  • Bulk Liquid Transportation: From 10.5KL carrying capacity to 30KL Carrying capacity Prospera delivers goods in M/S and stainless-steel tankers with better precision, accuracy, safety, and timeliness.

Exemplary Leadership

Prospera was founded by Mr. Prateek P. Jalan – CEO of Prospera Transpora. Graduating in BBM from JU-CMS with a specialization in Family Managed Business, Mr. Prateek quickly became a 3rd Generation Logistics Solution provider. Dynamic and charismatic leader backed by advisors with over 50 years of experience in logistics gave him an unprecedented advantage in the logistics industry. With valuable lessons bestowed on him from a very young age, Mr. Prateek leads the organization with humility, empathy, discipline, and integrity. Looking up to the global leaders such as Elon Musk, Kumar Birla, and especially Ratan Tata, he incorporated their ethics and upholds an emphasis on not conceding a failure and always putting the customer first. A firm believer in teamplay, Mr. Prateek blends traditional values with modern ideas to collectively build the organization.

“I have been very outspoken within the industry about the utter chaos and mayhem that exists in the logistics industry of our country. I have also expressed the complete lack of appreciation for the work that we, logistics service providers do in our country. It is a known fact, that logistics is the direct indicator and economic performance. That being said, the biggest challenge I have faced is, trying to get the respect & appreciation not only for myself but for the industry as a whole from customers for services we render,” says Mr. Prateek.

A Glance at Future Prospect

With the cost being a major player in the current transportation industry and the rising need for quality temperature-controlled transportation, Prospera is gaining traction in adapting to the market and changing needs. As customers are looking for optimized transportation solutions, Prospera is constantly evaluating and evolving with each trip and thereby improve its practices and transportation solutions.