Amit K Mali, Jhumarmal Tunwal (Tunwal E-Vehicle India) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

A Step Towards Sustainable Future

There has come a dire need to address the climate changes and many nations are in pursuit of clean and sustainable energy. Hence, electrification of mobility is not only a step towards a better future but also a necessity before things get out of hands. Many big players are slowly turning towards electrification and countless start-ups are finding the light of the day to address this pressing issue and thereby make mobility better, efficient, and eco-friendly. India in its bid to push to electric vehicles is also making steady progress to restrict its carbon footprint and Tunwal E-Vehicle is one of such company which is pushing electric vehicles in our nation to achieve this goal. Tunwal E Vehicle India Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company that was established in 2014 with a mission to change each and every gasoline bike existing on roads by battery-operated e-bike and scooters.

India is hoping to become a hub for manufacturing e-vehicles and completely switch to EVs by 2030-2035. As prices of Lithium-ion batteries are coming down, there is drastic progress in the manufacturing of EVs while Tunwal E-Vehicle’s aim is to produce 1000 units per month and educate people about the benefits of EVs and eventually, oust gasoline-powered vehicles. Tunwal E-Vehicle is one of the top electric vehicle manufacturing companies in India and the company delivers high-quality products. At Tunwal E-Vehicle, engineers are working in a world-class factory where international quality and safety standards are followed to manufacture the best quality eco-friendly vehicles. From the beginning to the finishing, every product goes through more stringent durability and reliability tests than it faces on the actual road. So, the customer will get the best quality product.

Towards Sustainable Future

Established in the year 2013, the company faced a rough start. Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal – Founder of Tunwal E-Vehicle incorporated the company alongside his brother, Mr. Amit Tunwal – Cofounder. Almost a year went into market survey and the duo developed a solution for assembling and marketing e-bikes. “When we entered the market, we saw many companies shutting-shop. Therefore, we analyzed various pain points and channelized the right solutions to ensure the business was profitable,” says Mr. Jhumarmal.

Soon after the company assembled the electronic parts and built an e-bike which became a headline in Maharashtra. “For two years we toiled away in developing perfect products that essentially met the needs and requirements of the customers. We kept in mind the convenience, price, adaptability, battery life, speed, and millage. There was no stopping for us,” remarks Mr. Jhumarmal. “Whenever a customer is investing in our product, we ensured to give them more than what they expect,” asserts Mr. Jhumarmal.

The company was empowered by the govt. subsidies, schemes, and technology. Tunwal E-Vehicles began manufacturing a variety of e-bikes and expanded its reach to give more options to choose from. Today, there is a huge demand for Tunwal E-Vehicles and Mr. Jhumarmal adds, “the market in India is huge. It is impossible for one company to address it. For instance, if there is a requirement for 10,000 EVs, we have capacity to have production of 10,000 vehicles per month. Therefore, there requires a healthy collaboration and support from various institutions, both private and government to meet this burgeoning demand.”

Stellar Leadership

Mr. Jhumarmal Tunwal is a Ph.D. in Business Management with a specialization in Electronic Components & E-Vehicles holds years of industry experience whereas, Mr. Amit Tunwal did B.E. in Electronics & Telecommunication from Savitribai Phule Pune University. “We believe that our business is not just about building a loyal customer base, but also about building a better, cleaner and greener future for the generations to come. As an ambitious player of India’s evolving E-bike market, we wish to be the benchmarks of affordable eco-friendly technology. Government revolution is driving marketing & Society awareness is taking place now with our upgraded technology,” says Mr. Jhumarmal.

Green Sustainable Offerings

Tunwal E-Vehicles proffers following e-bikes:

  • Storm ZX
  • Storm ZX LI
  • Elektrika 48
  • Sport 63 – 48V
  • Sport 63 – 60V
  • Lithino – LI
  • Mini Lithino
  • Lithino 2.0
  • Alfa
  • RomaS

Future Prospect

The company is absorbed in providing high-quality e-bikes by keeping the profit margin low and in a span of two years, the company is heading towards building trust as well as educating the customers. Tunwal E-Vehicle observed a massive jump in sales in the last five years and the company is moving with a well-conceived plan to solve and incorporate products as per consumer requirements and future technology.

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