Imad A. Syed (PiLog Group) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

A Global Leader in the Data/Digital Management, Governance & Analytics Offering

Digital Transformation is causing a lot of disruption in the market as part of fourth industrial revolution that every industry would like to capitalize. As enterprises are seeking to leave digital footprints throughout the world, many players are emerging to bring enterprises to work smartly, online and ease the shifting from traditional ways to digital. With new and better digital platforms and tools being unveiled every day, it is imperative that enterprises keep up to the point with the latest tech to have an edge over competitors. Enterprises are incorporating master data management & governance solutions to have all the business-critical data in a single repository and ensure data consistency across various integrated systems within the business landscape. The whole process is unique and numerous operational requirements need to be followed closely to ensure an accurate approach towards implementation of data management & governance solutions.

If the process is not followed precisely, some changes may lead to inaccurate reporting and wrong decision making for the enterprises, which can be disastrous as data is the new oil in the market. PiLog India Pvt. Ltd., is one of the entities of PiLog Group of companies which addresses the customers’ requirements of data management solutions and offers master data management & governance solutions which are of a top-notch quality that empowers the enterprises to run their ERP, CRM, EAM, SRM and Operational systems smoothly and hassle-free.

A Symbol of Excellence

Established in 1996, PiLog Group is a global group of independent companies, specializing in Quality Data, Digital Governance & Analytical solutions supporting multiple data domains in a variety of industries all over the globe. The PiLog solutions are state of the art, focused on creating a common business language and managing the rules for the creation of high quality, multilingual terminology using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence technologies & human-augmented algorithms for our customers who are eager to transform their businesses digitally. PiLog provides exclusive technical dictionaries, industrial libraries with content repositories that is the culmination of research, development, and execution over the past twenty four years embedded into the platform of PiLog Data Quality HUB. All our methodologies, processes, solutions are compliant with international standards for delivering seamless systematic integration of content into various platforms and ERPs such as SAP, S4 HANA, Oracle ERP Cloud, Maximo & MS Dynamics etc

With two delivery and incubations centers in South Africa and India, the company supports growing demand to its global customers with undisruptive services serving the Middle East, Africas, India, Americas, Europe & CIS regions.

Mr. Imad A Syed, CEO – India & Middle East, Board Member of PiLog Group leads the PiLog entities from the forefront. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and has more than 19 years of international experience in leading innovation, technology and solution teams for delivering the business value-proposition around the globe. “Challenges had been continual with evolving business cycles with new geographies, services and dynamic customer demands, however our key focus has been on making quick realization of business value-proposition, making customers aware of over-commitment and under-delivery in this competitive market, shark policy made by bigger capitalistic, market penetration and strategic partnerships,” states Mr. Imad.

As PiLog serves organizations across the globe, it cut across the world to make value in-roads with strong and transparent cooperate governance and is slowly evolving in making value for people and management dedication with inter-cultural heritage. Building sustainable and long-lasting partnerships by process-driven data management and controls exhibit its unparalleled excellence in the niche. The company is laying roadmap to excel with major ERP/EAM players like SAP, Oracle, Maximo, MS Dynamics etc.

Exclusive Offerings

PiLog Key Portfolio (On-Premise & Cloud-Based)

  1. Digital Governance & Analytics Suite: (Material, Service, Vendor, Customer, Assets, Employee, Finance master objects, etc.)
  2. End to End Data Lifecycle Management Services
  • Seamless Master Data extraction from various digital sources and consolidation of the data across the business landscape
  • Cleansing, standardization, classification, enrichment, migration & integration services
  • Seamless integration to various best of breed ERPs (SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Maximo, etc.) along with commercial out of shelf (COTS) products
  • Master Data Quality & Governance
  1. PiLog Data Quality HUB (Subscriptions)

The data transformation platform used for data mining, ingestion, analysis, visualization, automation and integration into various landscapes

  • Over 6000+ Unique industrial engineering templates for Material, Equipment & Service Master Records
  • Over 10 million Unique, Verified with a Confidence level, Pre-Catalogued, Standardized Material, Equipment & Service Master Records
  • ISO 8000, 22745, 29002 & IEC compliant data models and structures
  • Micro-services & On-Cloud Subscriptions for Cleansing, Harmonization, Validation, Enrichment & Migration of various data objects via the DHS – Data Harmonization Solution platform

Future Prospect

PiLog is absorbed in improving its per capita income and productivity through up and cross-skilling with more automation in data and analytics. It will adopt more multi-tenancy models which helps in bettering cloud security and principles. The company is going to be more result and value-orientated with customers’ engagements for long term business value management models.

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