Trends in hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is getting reshaped with the introduction of new technologies and trends are changing. The way in which this industry is serving customers is also changing rapidly. As more guests are exposed to technology, they expect to see the changes in the hospitality industry to enhance their experience. Slowly, the hospitality industry is incorporating these changes to attract modern guests. Even, the hotel industry is getting aware of the fact that to stay ahead in the fierce competition, it is important for them to stay updated with the latest trends in the hotel industry or risk losing customers with the latest needs.

As the industry moves to incorporate these technological changes, these are trends currently going on in the hospitality industry:

Chatbots: Gone are the days where customers needed to wait on receptionist for booking confirmation or for other needs. By incorporating chatbots in hotels, the industry is paving a path to hassle-free services. Not only do hotels are using chatbots on-premise, but also on websites to give real-time information about their hotels and quickly attract the customer to booking. Chatbots save time and cost and increase the overall efficiency of the hotel in providing a personalized guest experience.

Apps: Applications are fairly common these days. The hotel industry is also making good use of apps to provide top class experience to the customers. Searching over websites is also a thing of the past since websites are not tailored to suit the requirement of the customers. An App provides streamlined details of the hotel and its services on a much smaller screen and with speedy results. Actions can be performed quite effortlessly with apps such as book rooms and check availability, read reviews, browse through hotel services, view hotel images, and many more. The hotel apps also provide an advertisement opportunity to promote properties and amenities in engaging ways.

Digital Key: This is a new and emerging trend in the hotel industry as more guests are leaning towards digit key. The lock and key, swipe card are all replaced with a smartphone or app to easily gain access and with no fear of losing the key while the guest is enjoying outdoors. The frustration that follows after losing the key and to wait until room service provides is infuriating. It causes trouble for both parties. With the ease of access, more guests are opting for a digital key trend.

Self-check in: Another trend going to change the industry is self-check in. modern guests are more than capable of registering themselves and navigating to their rooms without a guide or receptionist. These check-in or check-outs can happen in instant with the use of devices. Self-check in trend is also gaining popularity because you need not wait for anyone to tell you where your room is and time to check-out. Everything needs in the app.