Uday Hegde (Manhaday Consultants) – BS Best Performing Companies 2020

A Boutique Investment Banking Firm

With the pace of globalization, many players in the varied industries wish to collaborate and expand their unique footprint across the world. This venture has brought numerous corporations together to work on something bigger and better, hence, the capital in the sectors has also skyrocketed due to various effects. However, there is always a vacuum when it comes to growth strategies / investment because of the size and shape of the projects these organizations plan to execute, therefore, these firms look up to seasoned investment bankers to help them on their journey. These bankers, over the years, have managed to earn the trust of clients, also have gained respect. Manhaday Consultants is one such fine banking firm that has made its place in the investment banking niche. Today, the firm has tied up with Investment banking firms in Germany, Finland, Italy, Japan, Singapore, UK, etc.

Manhaday Consultants Private Limited is a boutique investment banking firm based out of Mumbai, India. Manhaday Consultants is promoted by senior finance and banking professionals with nearly 25 years of experience and is into growth advisory / fundraising, both debt & private equity / Mergers & Acquisitions / Joint Venture, CFO Servcies, India Entry, etc. Manhaday has associates in many parts of the world and it is also a member of many international M&A networks. Manhaday is also into India entry for foreign companies looking to open their businesses in India, also the firm has been recognized by numerous business magazines as one of the top investment banking firms in India and the directors are speakers at many economic/financial seminars.

Navigating through Fires

Incorporated in the year 2007 by Mr. Uday Hegde – Director of Manhaday Consultants Pvt. Ltd., the firm was exposed to frequent challenges. “So this took some time but once we started delivering success stories and giving solutions the market started recognising us and giving us the due respect and now we have clients spread across India for various financial products and services,” states Mr. Uday. He is an MBA and former senior banking finance professional with more than 18 years of experience in the banking and finance world and last 12 years in investment banking business. He is also Director of SkyEarthTradecom Private Limited where he represents foreign companies in India and recently, he started taking  many Indian companies to international market Mr Uday Hegde is also board strategy advisor to startups and SME companies

After the initial stints of success, the clients were assured of Manhaday Consultants and soon the firm garnered trust in its deliverable across India. “Now the challenge is to up the antenna of our services in different financial products/growth strategy/fundraising / M&A (both local & International), etc. here the expectations from the clients are now very high as they now know our business deliverable history,” asserts Mr. Uday. By keeping a quote of Hank Rosso, ‘Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving’, he diligently works to adhere to it.

One of the earlier challenges a decade back was to raise funding for two textile projects, the financial market was challenging , Manhaday Consultants managed to get debt funding for these projects merely in 45 days flat for USD 10 Million. The firm also managed to get private equity from a corporate group for an engineering services firm. “Sometimes, it is the challenge of getting it done irrespective of the transaction value,” Mr. Uday claims.

Unique Services and Offerings

The success of an advisory firm depends on how it foresees the shifting market landscape that can impact potential deals. Manhaday Consultants helps clients to identify true worth of an opportunity by combining the meticulous financial analysis with the deep understanding of industry / business knowledge. The firm has a sound understanding of business models, processes, financial reports, and finding gaps in growth opportunity so it can add value in those gaps and promote growth for the clients. Having experience of more than a decade, the firm employs its best knowledge to leverage great advantage.

Mr. Uday is setting a benchmark by taking the services a notch higher compared to previous challenges or against the firm’s  best in the industry. “On products and services, it is a continuous learning process, be it structure, be it introducing a new method / products of finance both locally and internationally. One of our focus has been getting international corporate to do Joint ventures / technology tie-up with Indian companies and also Indian companies looking for JV / Aquistions internationally here we already have some good Indian names as our clients,” claims Mr. Uday.

Future Insights

“Coming to the future, I will say one thing India is at a very bright sport internationally with GDP growing around 5% and in coming years it will be somewhere around 7-9% if all goes well. Here for us is a great opportunity with SME/MSME companies growth story and they will grow but they will be looking for increased finance/better ROI/new products and international growth opportunities. The world is looking at India and am sure our investment banking sector will be a major player to support this boom,” predicts Mr. Uday.

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