7 Traits That You Might Be Extraordinary Leader

How to become one of the most successful leaders ever? Most people keep asking themselves this question and the thing about the question is that, it does not have a single concrete answer. By employing various techniques, you can easily scale the level of top executives and lead yourself and your team in a new direction. ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader,’ says John Quincy Adams.

A lot of people get trapped in the idea that they are nothing more than ordinary whereas, throughout the ages, great leaders have forged new societies, built great companies and advanced progress toward social change. Salarymen, simple teachers, students, office workers and many may feel like their professions or lack of a fancy title may mean they are meant to be a follower but it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that in each and every one of us, there is a potential leader. First and foremost, leaders build great teams with layers of strong leadership and the difference between John Quincy Adams and yourself is the courage to take a step forward and the drive to reach a goal. Leadership is not a title, a role or a position of authority but it is a sum of many different moving parts as leadership comes in many shapes and sizes, its qualities are subtle.

If you care about your business and career, you're always working on developing your leadership skills as great leadership is a set of values, attitudes, and beliefs brought to life through an individual’s actions and behaviors while working towards achieving progress. A leader is a leader no matter their position within social or organizational structures. Here are seven traits of leaders that make the difference between mediocrity and greatness:

Empowering Others

Leadership is not a position of privilege or power but it is a position of service because of the knowledge and skills you have gained with time, it becomes your moral responsibility to help and guide people achieve what they want to achieve in their lives. You don’t make people follow you via power and your agenda. Instead, you focus on empowering people to become more than themselves.

Let go of Control

It is an important aspect of being an extraordinary leader to let of control. You cannot control everything and everyone. You cannot even control your emotions, controlling other aspects is absurd. It is critical that you know controlling is a waste of time. When you let go, you relax and do better.

Leading for a Cause

You lead people for a cause and not for attention. You make an impact on those who follow you and you look at a bigger picture than just self-benefit.

Setting an example

Your leadership is to set an example that others will follow. You don’t issue orders or commands but get involved in the process and educate your team members by doing things. A great leader delegates responsibility.

Big challenges

Challenges are a big part of your life. You don’t shy away from big challenges whereas, most people would play it safe, you go and risk for the sake of bigger achievement. By working hard, you took on challenges.

Open mind

You are an open-minded individual who doesn’t hesitate to try a different approach. You find better ways of doing things.


You understand nobody is above or below you. You respect each and every person working with you regardless of your feelings.