Amedeo Tarzia (Corum Digital Corporation) – Top 10 Successful Companies with The Best Leadership in 2020

Enabling Effective Communication Across the Globe

Communication forms a basic building of every civilization throughout history. Even today, in a digital era, the fact holds the water. The name has only changed from communication to digital communication and the process is never-ending. Hence, with a new era and new technology came the new need to effectively communicate through digital means. In numerous ways, companies can communicate with other companies but there was a need for the bridge that was effective, efficient, and fast in execution. Corum Digital via a network of digital displays bridges the gap businesses required.

Corum Digital is passionate about helping the organizations to communicate seamlessly and hence, proffers complete digital signage solutions that include Content Management Software, digital displays, video walls, kiosks and tablets, as well as content creation, training and installation services. The company has installed its solution across the industries including corporate, retail, government, educational, and industrial locations globally while enabling its clients to communicate effectively so that they can engage, educate, and empower their audiences.

Stalwart Entrepreneur

Corum Digital Corporation was set up as a spin-off of the R&D focused company Corum Corporation. Its key mission is to help companies be better communicators which it believes can be accomplished through the use of digital signage solutions that Engage, Educate and Empower its intended audience. Mr. Amedeo Tarzia – President and CEO of Corum Digital, has over 30 years of experience in the dynamic Information Technology sphere. He solely focuses on ‘technology for the sake of business’ and drives innovation in technology that is broadly applicable to today’s businesses. He is a strong believer that a company is ultimately only as strong as the people that drive its day to day operations. He thoroughly enjoys working with talented people who share his passion for innovation in technology. Mr. Tarzia is driving innovation through investment in the research and development of digital signage software and hardware products.

“We nurture a culture of innovation, whereby we are always pushing the envelope to ensure the MediaTile platform is something our customers will grow into and not out of. We would consider ourselves leaders in our industry, as we relentlessly pursue better and more effective ways to help our customers be better communicators. I don’t recall a single year in recent memory, whereby we haven’t pushed the envelope to release something new and innovative,” asserts Mr. Tarzia.

Mr. Tarzia believes that every team member helps the company in achieving its goal to help customers communicate more effectively. From beginning to end, Corum Digital translates its effort and does whatever it takes to ensure clients communicate better via the company’s products.

Retaining an Edge over Competitors

Corum Digital is always engaged in improving its products and services to stay ahead of competitors. Mr. Tarzia says, “I don’t recall a single year in recent memory, whereby we haven’t pushed the envelope to release something new and innovative.” As a part of its core value, ‘believe that we enable communication so that our customers can better engage, educate and empower their target audiences’, the company pushes for better and efficient ways to offer products. This how Corum Digital defines success and it enables unlimited free training to any customer to create a meaningful impact that resonates with its audience.

Holistic Digital Offerings

Corum Digital designs and develops 2 brands of Digital Signage Content Management Software, MediaTile, and firmChannel.

  • MediaTile is an enterprise-level SaaS-based Content Management Software (CMS) that is typically sold as part of a complete Digital Signage Solution. Complete solutions include Digital Displays, Digital Media Players, Cellular Routers and Mounting Systems. Digital Displays are purpose-built commercial displays and are available in various form factors including independent displays, video walls, interactive digital kiosks, tablets, and merchandising displays.
  • firmChannel is an enterprise-level SaaS-based Content Management Software (CMS) and as its name indicates, is sold exclusively through a channel of Value-Added Resellers. It is targeted at larger network operators and is either sold as a software-only product or sometimes with a media player and/or display.

The company’s CMS software products are mature and feature-rich offerings that are easy to use and deploy for a handful of displays, but also scalable enough to handle thousands of displays. They are highly reliable with a robust set of remote management and automated maintenance tools. A wide range of innovative features includes a full-featured Content Designer, Drag & Drop Widgets for News and Social Media Feeds, Anonymous Analytics/Facial Recognition, Video Presence live 2-way video chat, Touch Interactivity, Roles Based Security and much more.

Future Landscape

“We want to continue to be known as innovators in our industry, with a strong responsibility toward making our customers better communicators,” claims Mr. Tarzia.

From the company’s perspective, display size and orientation are still a significant consideration when purchasing a solution and with the advancement of LED modules, it will soon become possible to create the display of any size and shape. So, Corum Digital is absorbed in developing its CMS solutions to handle, by considering the future prospect, non-standard display sizes across the range of pixels and resolutions.

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