Stein Revelsby (Hoylu) – BS 2020’s Most Innovative Entrepreneur to Watch

Optimizing Digital Workplace for Smarter Collaboration

Businesses are expanding at tremendous speed given the globalization and ease of doing business in other countries. The growth has spurred the economies and businesses are prospering more than ever. However, there is also a steep cost in maintaining such a vast network of employees located at numerous places across the geography. The organizations are implementing various tools to connect the grid of employees and form strong collaboration to work throughout geographical boundaries. As digital era progress, new technologies are disrupting workplaces and a need has come to form smart and strong collaborations among teams. It is not possible for top management to go on different locations every time as it is costly and time-consuming while remote meetings are not productive enough to bring the teams together and work on a project. Hence, organizations are seeking a hassle-free and innovative solution that can unite teams, reduce cost, and optimize the workflow. Hoylu is the company that has come with a novel solution to address this issue.

The idea for Hoylu started as a research work at the University of Applied Sciences in Austria. From research work, it transformed into an innovative, collaboration software product. Hoylu provides a hassle-free way to collaborate with your team anytime, from any device. This allows for quicker decision making, solution identification, and a more productive connected work environment. Finally, a solution that is easy to use that connects people and their ideas around the world! With the company’s offices located strategically in major cities around the world, the company works across the globe just like its product.

Astounding Journey of Stalwart Entrepreneur

Headquartered in Sweden, Hoylu embarked on its journey in 2016 and quickly became a promising company in the global market. Mr. Stein Revelsby – CEO and Founder of Hoylu, thoroughly understands that connecting people and their ideas are fundamental for value creation. “We deliver a Connected WorkspaceTM, enabling people across multiple locations to contribute and share work together in real-time and keep all information on the same page”, says Mr. Revelsby.

Mr. Revelsby began on education in agriculture and also did mandatory military services, then he moved to Oslo to attend a business school. There, he founded his first business along with 3 partners at the age of 21. The firm grew into financial analysis and an investment company. “As a result of working with US investment banks, I learned about the new industries within technology and was fascinated by the strong growth and how new dominators were formed in the early 90ies. I decided to focus on corporate finance within information technology and formed a new venture with a small team of partners in 1992. I spent the following 13 years in technology investment banking before leaving in 2005 to spend the majority of my time with a Swedish technology start-up.”

Mr. Revelsby took the position of CEO for another company but due to argument with the chairman, he left the company and founded Hoylu in the fall of 2016. “Hoylu is still only 3 years old so we have many roadblocks and challenges to overcome, but in general I would emphasize mutual respect, transparency, teamwork and attention to detail. A CEO’s role is to lead by example, communicate a clear vision, focus on building a culture that gets the best out of each individual and the best out of the team,” asserts Mr. Revelsby.

Smart and Innovative Solutions

Hoylu develops software for interactive visual collaboration to the enterprise market. Hoylu`s software was originally developed for large screens, including HoyluWall, a large projector screen for touch and pen input, that can scale from 12 up to 36 feet wide, as well as large-format touch displays. Customers use our solutions for team collaboration, brainstorming, visualization of large amounts of data, project management and presentation.

Future Landscape

As the company is growing at a drastic pace, the company is looking to delegate more responsibility to avoid bottlenecks as Mr. Revelsby understands that young engineers want to with and learn from great engineers, salespeople want great products that are easy to sell, customers expect 24/7 support and it never ends.

Hoylu’s next product release which is in a few weeks is going to be a significant milestone. It will make teamwork easier, keep everybody on the same page, reduce the need for travel, reduce the risk for loss of data and make meetings more productive.

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