Ways to make your company best company to work for

If your employees are dragging themselves into work on Mondays with a cloud of doom over their heads, it should raise a red flag and a common misconception is that the companies that offer the most money are the best places to work. Sure, salary and benefits attracted them to your organization, and as anyone who has ever held a job before knows, money is not the only thing that makes the world go around, but they won’t reach their potential unless you make your company a great place to work. Many companies are zeroing in on what makes their employees actually happy and making your company the place your employees want to require taking the time to assess your workplace and determine where you can improve the culture. Company culture needs not only attracts the best and the brightest but also helps them achieve their highest potential, only then the company can prosper from the employees. Every business is different, but the following tips are meant to help you think about how to cultivate a great workplace while many companies are actively finding creative ways to reward their employees and, more importantly, to keep them happy and healthy.

Healthy work environment

The work environment is an important factor for organizational productivity and this can be done by finding ways to rejuvenate employees by helping them identify their calling or the area of work that provides them with the greatest fulfillment. Design working environments that are safe, comfortable and appealing to work in and not the superficial cultures that have become increasingly popular and are defined by having Ping-Pong tables and kegs. Companies that actively improve their company culture are able to minimize employee turnover, facilitate better relationships with customers, and, ultimately, position their organization for growth as a better workplace encourages employees to work efficiently, thus helping the company to achieve success. A truly strong culture offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards employees’ efforts, and ensures that employees know their work is meaningful while in offices, include a range of physical spaces that allow for privacy, collaboration, and simply hanging out.


New Twitter employees spend their entire first week in ‘flight school’, where they learn about the company as a company is where all the employees and their employers work together and deliver their duties with responsibility. The best places to work provide people with life satisfaction as opposed to job satisfaction alone and provide employees with ongoing opportunities and incentives to learn, develop and grow, both in establishing new job-specific hard skills. Instead of growing employees’ skills to match the company’s needs, great companies look for ways to grow the company based on employees’ passions as these all incidents can help an employee learn for a better future.


A lot of studies have shown that employees who feel appreciated tend to work harder for the company as this is very common in every company that most of the employees of the company expect some kind of performance appreciation from their higher authority. Hold leaders and managers accountable for treating all employees with respect and care, and encourage them to regularly recognize those they supervise for the positive contributions they make as another thing Twitter is famous for is its Birdhouse, where employees are encouraged to send a shout-out to other employees. You can also host events to empower your employees.