Pankaj Sharma (Ardom) – BS 2020’s Most Innovative Entrepreneur To Watch In India

Mr. Pankaj is an Electronics engineer and has pursued an MBA in Marketing. He has more than 16 years of professional experience in the Telecom & Country Infrastructure industry. He has garnered experience from overseas while he was working in Kabul, Africa, and the Middle East and working aboard has helped him develop a dynamic attitude and excellent relationship management skills.

He has worked with MNCs such as ATC India Tower Corporation and VIOM Networks - a Tata subsidiary, before co-founding a venture, Ardom Towergen Pvt. Ltd.( in Telecom Operation and Maintenance Domain, which has grown to a leading Telcom - O&M Company of India. Following his business acumen, he incubated his second venture, K2 Infragen Pvt. Ltd.(, which is on its way to carving its name amongst major Infrastructure companies of India. “My goal is to acquire a sustainable leadership position for all my ventures in their respective business domains. I am constantly looking for synergistic activities and trying to convert them into sustainable competitive advantages. Reaching the apex by innovative usage of these synergy benefits has been my goal in any domain of business,” asserts Mr. Pankaj.

Stellar Entrepreneurship

Mr. Pankaj claims, “Business is my passion and I always wanted to build a company where everyone comes and works willingly rather than feeling burdened.” He considers entrepreneurship more than just helping individuals fulfill their dreams and believes entrepreneurship allows others to fulfill their dreams as well, which translates into greater good for society as well as for the country. He relishes the experience of creating an organization that is an embodiment of the values and virtues he cherishes.

Mr. Pankaj is a stalwart leader who has a set of values to guide him to overcome challenges. He employs key values such as ‘Can Do’ Attitude, Continuous Learning, Logical Reasoning, Smart Work and Growth in teams. He states, “My belief is until we mentally accept defeat, nobody can defeat us.”

Mr. Pankaj’s leadership is geared at maintaining satisfaction at client’s level and the biggest benefit the clients are reaping is always having a win-win situation. He dynamically keeps upgrading himself by constantly adapting and improving, so that the team which looks up to him for leadership and proper guidance is benefitted from the latest skills and decision-making tools.

Leading with an Example

While working on business development models in other companies as well as on his own ventures, Mr. Pankaj came across a term – ‘not required’ and this has pushed him to convert this ‘not required’ into an opportunity. The conversion has all been a challenge on his side and he believes he comes across the term because of people’s limited interest in the short-term growth. He leads his ventures by translating short-term growth into an opportunity and immensely helping his ventures and team members in overcoming several challenges.

“In my own opinion, team-spirit and ability to work continuously and dedicatedly towards achieving my goals are my strengths. My mentor, Mr. Ajit Shankar – MD of Ardom Towergen, says that my main strengths are my ability to quickly connect with customers and team (human engineering) and maintain calm & take logical decisions even in tough times,” claims Mr. Pankaj.

Mr. Pankaj leads his both ventures – Ardom Towergen and K2 Infra with a vibrant and friendly atmosphere. He wants top executives on his teams to be respected for their competency, knowledge, and skillsets. With his unparalleled dedication towards his goals, he inspires his employees to work with a positive spirit.

Future Prospect

As India is the second-largest telecom market in the world, Ardom Towergen has established itself as a leading company in the Operation and Maintenance of the Active & Passive telecom infrastructure including Optical fiber Cables. Mr. Pankaj is aiming at incorporating a comprehensive solution for telecom industry along with their partners.

Whereas, K2 Infra was recently awarded the ‘Project Management Company of 2019’ under the leadership of Mr. Pankaj. K2 Infra is presently involved with roads and building infrastructure but will move to other infra sectors as well in the next few years. Being Infra business domain has one of the longest tenure to service at present for developing country like INDIA.

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