Pankaj Varshney and Shekher Chaturvedi (Natura Biotechnol) – BS Inspiring Business Leaders Making Difference in 2020

A Forerunner in Proffering Extracts of 150+ Variants of Medicinal Plants

Plant extracts form the backbone of many spheres such as Ayurveda, Cosmetic, Foods & Beverages, etc. Since industries depend upon extracts to develop various products, the quality of extracts must be top-notched. To ensure the essence of the extracts remain intact, Natura Biotechnol employs innovation in its processes, and hence delivers high-quality content.

Natura Biotechnol was established in 2013 by two visionary entrepreneurs: Mr. Pankaj Varshney – Director & CEO, and Mr. Shekher Chaturvedi – Director & COO. It is a leading manufacturer of standardized botanical extracts, essential oils & oleoresins for personal care, cosmetic products, health supplements, finished formulations, and food & beverage products.

Since its inception, the company has become a pioneer in the niche.

Exemplary Entrepreneurs

The duo set out to be the top provider of extracts of complete solutions for a healthy and happy living in an environment of trust based on harnessing the rich and bountiful natural resources using scientific knowledge, in the world market. All the efforts are directed towards the vision and this vision works as a rudder to the organization on track.

“We capitalized on our inherent marketing and technical strength in the field of herbal extracts and processing which we had mastered during our employment with other companies. Our strong contacts, acquaintances in herbal, health care, food processing, and other related industries and our team of loyal colleagues had extended incredible support and put faith in us in the initial years. Gradually, we extended our product range, supply chain, clientele base, domestic territories, and explored international markets. Our approach has been growth with stability,” asserts Mr. Pankaj.

With approach towards growth along with stability, the duo is now targeting a crucial milestone in the history of the organization: 100 crore company by the end of the 5th year since the company’s genesis.

Men Behind Unparalleled Success

Best described as Herbal Baba – Mr. Pankaj belongs to a humble family and has a post-graduation in Chemistry. With an unflinching urge to convert theoretical knowledge into a practical reality, he joined an Indian company having roots in herbal extraction. His unquenchable thirst for learning drove him to become an indispensable asset for many companies and thereby, he gained expertise in the niche.

Mr. Pankaj possesses immense technical knowledge in the field of- Standardized Bioactive Herbal extract, Phyto-chemicals, Natural colors, Oleo-resins, Organic extracts, Herbal formulation, and Phyto-pharmaceuticals, Healthcare products, Food, Flavor, Dietary supplements, Ayurvedics, Nutraceuticals ingredients, etc. Thanks to his diverse expertise, he established himself in a solid position and proved his mettle in establishing the industrial enterprise.

With the experience of more than 15 years and a bubbling quest to be self-employed, Mr. Pankaj embarked on his entrepreneurial journey after joining forces with Mr. Shekher.

Best described as Pranik Mitra – Mr. Shekher is an MBA graduate from a reputed institute of management in India. Soon after joining a high-profile company, he migrated to Africa and the US, remaining associated with reputed companies for over 8 years. Thanks to his international background along with O&M, finance, HR, and strategic planning & management, he set the benchmark high when he began on his entrepreneurial endeavor.

Mr. Shekher has a keen interest and professional aptitude in Contract dealings, Farming, Purchase, Marketing & Business Development, Strategic Planning, and Management with an overall business perspective make him a driving force to reckon with in the organization. His excellence in developing & streamlining systems with proven ability to enhance operational/ administrative effectiveness and meet operational goals within the cost, time & quality parameters has placed the company at a position where it.

Stalwart Leadership

Understanding and seeing the new opportunities for herbal industry because of Coronavirus pandemic, the duo is engaged in multiplying their marketing efforts to garner new customers and gain new territories both domestic and international to reap the benefits of post Corona period.

“Company believes in sharing with society. It supports social events that benefit people, distributes medicines, helps the downtrodden, etc. During corona time special social services were extended to help mitigate people’s sufferings to the extent possible,” states Mr. Shekher.


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