Ranjeeta Vinil (Saarathi Healthcare) – BS 2020’s Most Innovative Entrepreneur To Watch In India

From Episodic to Preventive Care and Chronic Disease Management

Healthcare has become one of the largest sectors in India – both in terms of revenue and employment. Usually, healthcare consists of hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment. The sector is growing at a steady pace because of services and increasing expenditure by public as well as private players. It is one of the important sectors in any country as the niche is directly related to GDP growth, increasing employment, and of course, citizens’ health. Being related to health, the sector needs constant innovation and tailored solutions to meet the requirements of clients and customers. One such healthcare company is Saarathi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. which brings fresh and unique solutions to the table and thereby, enables high-quality services to the clients. Saarathi was launched with the sole aim of changing the healthcare deliverables in India to make it more valuable to the patients. Over the years Saarathi has grown into a global company working on varied verticals in the healthcare space, but it continues to remain patient-centric in all ventures.

Saarathi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. was founded with a vision to Democratize Healthcare World Over, and has always worked towards filling the gaps in healthcare deliverables. The company is on the mission to positively impact all verticals of healthcare deliveries to ensure its vision, by building symbiotic relations with all the stakeholders and creating innovative solutions beneficial to all. The company was recognized as ‘Top 50 healthcare companies around the World’ at IFAH- International Forum of Advancements in Healthcare- 2019, Dubai.

A Need to bring a Revolution

Incorporated in the year 2008 and headquartered in Mumbai by Ms. Ranjeeta Vinil – Director and Founder of Saarathi Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., after robustly feeling the need to change the healthcare deliverables in India when patient-centric healthcare model was a novel concept. Sheer dedication towards this cause has won her an Entrepreneur Award: Patient Solution – Eyeforpharma Awards at Philadelphia in 2019. With an unparalleled vision to ‘Democratize healthcare world over’, she has revolutionized the niche. A great vision supported by a great team and culture which is aligned and a track record of 11 successful years is testimonial to it. This is what Saarathi is all about.

The patient-centric service was just a concept way back when Ms. Ranjeeta started, considering the complete variance to the existing practices in the Pharma industry.  Over the years the acceptance of this model has been better, as the pharma industry has understood the value add to the patients’ life beyond the prescription. Today the company’s strength is its deep understanding of patient needs which the company can fulfill through the clients who have faith in what it does. Remaining flexible and agile, thus operating on the edge of the innovation curve and grabbing every new opportunity that comes in way describes Saarathi.

Resolute Entrepreneur

Ms. Ranjeeta is a management graduate in B. Pharma and a veteran in Patient Relationship Management, a highly assertive professional, a doting mother and a confidant to patients and caregivers sorting a reliable shoulder during their treatment journey. Since the beginning of her career, Ms. Ranjeeta had always felt strongly about the huge gaps in the Indian healthcare deliverables. She always worked and remained associated with innovative initiatives like patient relationship management which she felt could bring about the requisite change.

On her way to glory, she was detected with breast cancer at the prime of her career which only increased her conviction even further. Patient relationship management was still a concept when she launched Saarathi and completely against the norms of the industry practices then. Yet she persevered against all odds to make it a success. The results of which she had pioneered were so promising that it kept her going.

Personalized Care for Better Healthcare Outcomes

Saarathi Healthcare offers personalized patient care programs backed by CRM software. Its services include Health coordinator, pill reminder, free drug assistance, counseling, guidance and apps for disease management, coordination for support with paramedics, doctor visit and care, point of care intervention for screening and monitoring, home care, coordination for diagnostic support and so on. Though the company’s prime focus revolves around patients, it works with various healthcare stakeholders like doctors, paramedics, retailers, and caregivers to ensure adherence and regular monitoring in disease management for better treatment outcomes.

For More Details: https://www.saarathihealthcare.com/