Business Sight – Difference between online magazine and blog

With changing technology and time, it is often we find ourselves confused. One such confusion is blogs or online magazines. In the overall sense, the data is represented on both platform and it is just the question of what the website publisher is choosing to call it. It is mostly up to publishers and websites to call a blog an online magazine and vise versa. However, there are certain differences that you need to know to judge them.

First and foremost, comes writing style. As every publication follows its specific style, hence a striking difference between a blog or a magazine is a formal language. A blog is written to interact with a user and therefore, a casual style is used. Blogging is a way of social interaction and that a prime reason why bloggers prefer casual and informal language. You can easily find some complex ideas presented in a more digestible and simple way on blogs.

Whereas, magazines follow a precise style as per the guidelines of the publisher. Magazines are not meant to maintain direct public contact with the readers as the interaction happens via the editorial office.

Since a blog is intended to engage the reader directly, a writer will emphasize a personal relationship with a reader. While magazine writers are more into giving the information that would keep the reader interested and let the editorial team take care of relationship maintenance.

You can also notice several stories being highlighted on the front cover of a magazine. This is to give a reader idea about what the content will be. Whereas in blogs, stories are kept limited or even readers are more likely to be directed to the most recent post.

Another difference is the author count. Magazine utilizes several authors while blog relies on a writer as blogs evolved from personal online diaries.