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A Forerunner & Specialist in Outsourcing Accounting

No matter the size, shape, or nature of a business, accounting is a vital factor for any business. The financial statement of a business will give insights such as financial transactions over an accounting period, summary of a company's operations, financial position, and cash flows to the entrepreneur. Hence, a businessperson must choose a specialist while also maintaining an eye on the budget.

Sapphire Info Solutions enables business owners to exclusively focus on their business demands and growth while it undertakes accounting. Since the company believes that the clients have earned their reputation by years of hard work and therefore it places extra emphasis to ensure its services are delivered with the highest standards of efficiency and security. Over the years, the organization has surfaced as a leading firm in the niche.

Also, before lockdowns initiated, Sapphire Info Solutions was among the few companies which ensured 100 percent of its staff working from home.

An Exemplary Employee Destination

With employee turnover rate of less than 5 percent, Sapphire Info Solutions is an ideal working place that promotes employees to seek new challenges. It has inculcated teamwork culture and adopted innovations to improve the human resource factor of the organization.

“Our employees are well aware of the company being amongst the leading in North India providing foreign accounting services and they are motivated routinely to accomplish the mission of the company to provide reliable and best services to clients in the UK,” asserts Mr. Kawitansh (Kevin) Khanna – Director & Founder of Sapphire Info Solutions.

The firm has a wide range of HR policies to ensure its employees are looked after and hence, Sapphire Info Solutions has emerged as the most preferred company to work for. With policies such as Group insurance scheme, medical covers, assured yearly increments and bonuses, etc., the company stands apart from its competitors.

To accelerate its employees’ professional growth, the company is implementing a mentorship program.

Dynamic Leadership

Mr. Khanna retains a vast experience as he had begun his practice in Chartered Accountant back in 1993. He has additional Qualifications in Information System Audit from ICAI. He is also holding (FIAB) fellow membership of the International Association of Bookkeepers UK.

Under his leadership, the organization has grown since its inception in 2004 and became one of the largest and most respected accounting outsourcing firms in North India.

Mr. Khanna remains at the helm of affairs of the company meeting clients regularly and guiding the team in India to deliver services to clients in the UK.

“We believe in work ethics and providing services to beat the best in our sector. We also believe that size of the company should not define your work capabilities and have built processes and systems which have enabled us to deliver near error-free services,” he states.

Holistic Offerings

Sapphire Info Solutions provides outsourced accounting services to accountants in the UK. Its services include:

  1. Annual Accounts Production: It produces accounts for every type of client i.e. IT professionals, doctors, management consultants, sole proprietors & traders, partnerships, or companies.
  2. Management Accounts: Management accounts are prepared with the aim of helping decision-makers to take important business decisions with the current financial information.
  3. Write-Up & Book-Keeping Work: Sapphire gives special emphasis on outsourced bookkeeping work which is why it has specific staff working on this all year long.
  4. Vat Returns: Vat returns are prepared based on various schemes adopted by the clients.
  5. Taxation: Preparation of Personal & Corporate Tax Returns using IRIS or CCH.

The firm has recently launched virtual accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses in the UK.

Future Landscape

Sapphire Info Solutions is projecting a healthy growth in the coming years and also, it putting efforts to become a trusted name in Virtual Accounting Services. By 2023, the company is expecting to double its turnover.

It is also poised to augment its offerings in the UK in the coming months by increasing its footprint into virtual accounting services for selected business segments. Therefore, Sapphire Info Solutions’ clients are going to reap benefits because of low costs, access to the latest work technology, and have more time to develop their businesses into high-value services.

For More Details:  http://www.sapphireinfo.net/


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